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Setting Goals The Correct Way For Your 2011 Marketing Campaigns

At the start of any project you need to sit yourself down to plan your attack. You need to set yourself a timetable with goals to hit by your specified dates. I'm sure everyone would write a checklist but without a timeline to work to things can easily be pushed to the side or even slip away - You need to be right on top of it every step of the way.


Now these are a few pointers you should in my opinion consider when creating your timeline ..


Specifics - As above, I'm sure everyone will write a checklist. Your checklist will be your goals you are wanting to achieve but each should be split down into 3 questions to yourself...

  • What are you going to do

  • Why are you doing this

  • How are you going to do this

Don't hold back on being really specific - you will identify success a lot greater when it does happen. Let me give you an example ...


I will create 30 posts on my blog each 250-500 words long about weight loss by 1st March 2011.


In my example I stated the number, length, topic and deadline which is what I mean by being really specific. I will explain a bit further below but note this goal is also realistic, possible, measurable and timely.


Realistic - You have to consider if your goals are realistic. Maybe one of your goals is to get 4,000 subscribers to your newsletters, which is possible although can you achieve this within 2-3 weeks ? Probably not. So keep your goals realistic and be honest to yourself and business otherwise you risk disappointment which could knock your drive to succeed


Possible - So are the goals you have set possible? Are they at all limited by your knowledge and or resources? I would suggest you set yourself a challenge with the aim to push yourself to the limit but also noting to keep them within reach! You want benifit from success and will feel a real sense of achievement when you do complete each stage but with this there is a slim risk (if you are not realistic) that you do run over time and lose hope/momentum.


So you have created a website and want a 20% conversion rate from the outset.


Whilst this conversion rate is possible eventually... it is highly unlikely to happen straight away - therefore a more possible/realistic rate from the outset would be say 5%.


Measurable - It is essential to measure your goals otherwise how do you manage your progress? It would be a struggle to have a clear statistic if you do not track/measure your progress. Timeline / Progress chart or just a back to basics checklist would help.

Looking at conversion rates using a web statistics tool like Google Analytics, this will track vital statistics i.e. where your converting traffic is coming from.


Note that you could be driving 500-1000 visitors to your site daily, but if no one is buying the visitor rate is meaningless  So, my message here is do not get caught up tracking or moving the wrong target.


Timely - So what deadline have you set for your goals and sub-goals? Next 3 months, 3rd quarter, next year? Try setting a specific date rather than a general otherwise again there is a high risk they could slip away.


Setting goals the correct way will aid you to achieve your objectives quicker. Setting the path straight for success. As you are busy creating your business naturally other ideas will come to mind which will be added to the master plan so check progress and adapt accordingly. The majority of the time I have found I over-achieve by beating a deadline and this falls under the 'Possible' category, push yourself but maintain a realistic date. I get a real confidence boost when this happens.


Wishing you all the best for 2011

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