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It's Easy to Be Successful in Network Marketing

And that's because there is so little competition.


When 500 distributors are invited to attend a three-hour company training workshop - why is it that only 50 will attend? Where are the other 450?

They feel that investing time in training and working their MLM business interferes with their daily cable television schedule. When their small bonus checks arrive at the end of the month, they say:

"The business doesn't work, the checks are too small."

Or -

"The check got smaller all by itself."

Well, they are partially right. The business doesn't work - they have to do the work. Ouch! That's really inconvenient.

And, "The check got smaller all by itself?" No, the bonus check only reflects the sales volume of one's downline organization.

There are three types of people in MLM:

1. Those who joined because they love the products.
2. Those who want to receive bonus checks, if it doesn't require work.
3. Those who want to earn a bonus check.

Type 3, those who want to earn a bonus check, represent only a small percentage of all networkers. Most networkers will give great lip service to the idea that they want to earn bonus checks, but their actions speak louder than words. They are easy to recognize by their actions. They . . .

  • can't go to opportunity meetings because "The Simpsons" have a special episode that evening;
  • won't go to opportunity meetings because they attended one once before and they already know the ending;
  • won't make phone appointments because the prospect might say no;
  • wish the company would make it easier for them by lowering prices or do their retailing for them;
  • won't make up a prospecting list because everyone they know just wouldn't be interested; and
  • wish beer was served at the training meetings.

The great part about networking is that 95% of all networkers fall into product users and people who wish for bonus checks.

That means there is little or no competition for dedicated leaders who want to earn their way in this great business. That's why it is so easy to work and earn large bonus checks in network marketing -- there's no competition at the top!

Distributors and prospects are naturally attracted to leaders who lead by example. Good network marketing leaders don't have to prospect for new distributors -- distributor prospects come to them.

You'll always hear the non-working network marketing distributors say: "How is it that my upline leader gets all the good prospects?"

Because prospects look for leaders - not non-workers.

Can you imagine a prospect saying:

"I think I'll find a sponsor who whines, complains, and doesn't work the business."

No way. Good prospects look for energetic, enthusiastic, dedicated, working sponsors.

So, if you want to work where you'll encounter little competition, start at the top.  Be a leader.


Rudi Vanhaecke

+32 0496 292333

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