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3 Steps To Success Online
So why do 97-99% of people trying to make money online fail ?

Apart from not having the correct training/coaching … they all look for the ultimate product to promote when they would be better off looking for an easily targeted market to find a product they are already hungry for …

They try to find the product that everybody wants – what's going to appeal to the majority and sell like crazy – trust me this approach is entirely wrong! The correct way is to find easily targeted niches and find out what people are already looking for … What are they looking for in the search engines , what are they asking for that nobody or very few people are providing?

If there is a niche market that's already looking for a product or for a problem to solve and you have that product or have the answers to solve the problem … if they are already asking do you think your business is going to fail ?? NO.

It's a fool proof strategy as you're not guessing, and you're not gambling on an idea when you bring it to market.  So with that said, lets have a look at this simple formula to succeed in making money online

1. Find a nice sized easy to reach target market
2. Find a product or service that market already wants
3. Put together a GREAT sales process

BOOM – You have the very best potential to make enormous sales.

Of course, the first time you build a business online is by far the hardest because it's a very steep learning curve and a big hill to climb; but once you have done it, the second time around is alot easier and quicker. These niche markets may only bring in small amounts of income compared to what you were expecting to make online but this is the beauty of the small, targeted, already hungry market … One site may make you just $2k a month, but with the knowledge you have acquired, you will easily and quickly get a second site up and running which pulls in $5k a month, another which is making you $3k…

See where I'm headed? Before long all your little markets total for a nice tidy sum!

If one of those markets crumbles/crashes are you out of pocket? NO

You have all these other streams and so when this happens you simply create another. The people who are making money online today follow this same basic formula.

I would lose many nights sleep if I had just the one income stream and all my eggs in one basket because if that market changed where would that leave me? Out of pocket. BUT, as you grow and build multiple income streams you WILL have plenty of sleep because, as I said, if a market changes I have others to fall back on and with the knowledge to replicate…so I can have another up and running in a relatively short space of time.

Wishing you all the best success for 2011
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