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Should Your MLM Marketing Be Web-based or Offline?

In regards to MLM marketing in the current era is it best to work on the web or offline? This has become a hotly debated subject amongst many in the mlm industry. Each side presents valid rationales for why their way is better than the other. Both can point to success stories that back their claim, while at the same time noting the failures from the opposing viewpoint. A quick look at both of these marketing philosophies should help bring clarity to the marketing plan of anyone serious about building their mlm business.

Offline MLM has been the bread and butter of this industry for decades. Many home based business owners have quietly built small fortunes on the back of home meetings, hotel presentations and business lunches with a friend. Business savvy marketers made use of advertising mediums such as drop cards, direct mail, newspaper advertising and radio spots. The success of this belly to belly model can be seen in names like Herbalife, Amway, Avon and Mary Kay.

At the core, the offline philosophy of MLM marketing is a high touch business building approach. The marketer looks for ways to get in person with their prospects. Products are handled, felt and sampled. Team building is illustrated on dry erase boards and commission checks are passed around the audience. The invitation to join the business is a personal offer that requires a personal response from the individual. This is a very simple way of doing business that can easily be taught to anyone, anywhere.

Lately, visionary leaders have introduced network marketing business models that transitioned from the offline approach to business building to the world of online MLM marketing. The setting for business was no longer the neighbor's living room or a conference room at the local hotel. Instead business would be conducted in the virtual realm on websites and via electronic mail. Just like their offline predecessors, savvy marketers began to learn how to move into high volume lead generation using tools such as PPC advertising, article marketing and search engine optimization. The power of this business philosophy also became apparent with companies such as MonaVie, GDI and others leading the way.

In this philosophy of MLM marketing, the focus is on high volume contacts. Successful marketers use the power of online technology to talk with greater numbers of people in shorter periods of time. The tools of the market place are blogs, videos and web conferencing. A marketer is able to sell, recruit and train around the clock every day of the year. The presentation in the world of online MLM marketing is conceptual in nature, lacking the opportunity in most cases for experiential presentation. While this method of marketing lacks the personal touch of offline strategies, many find it easier to operate as it compensates for introversion and other fears that may make offline presentation much more difficult.

So which MLM marketing view point should you adopt? In reality, the answer is both. Both components are critical to longer term success in your business. Although you may be highly extroverted and feel at home in front of a group of people, there will be members of your team who are just the opposite. The flip side of the coin is the person who is highly skilled with technology. This individual needs to realize that there will be people in their MLM downline who can barely switch on their computer. Beyond these obvious scenarios are simply the business ramifications of being able to efficiently operate in both environments. A serious business builder will become adept at making an effective presentation whether or not they are online or on a flight from Chicago to Dallas.

Rather then limiting yourself to one Multilevel marketing philosophy, look to expand your abilities in other areas. The more well rounded you become, the more opportunities will present themselves to you.


Successful MLM marketing begins with clearly defined goals and an action plan. Let Carl Willis teach you step by step the fundamentals necessary for building a powerful online MLM business.

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