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Network Marketing - An Industry Review

Let's take a step back and have an honest look at the industry as a whole. Network Marketing reviews can lack objectivity. It may be fair to say that the industry has so far under-achieved compared to where it could be, but it still has made significant progress.


In 50 years to the end of the last century it had grown to a USD $100 billion industry with tens of millions of participants.


Hardly a complete failure!


So WHY So Much Criticism? Network Marketing is supposed to be all about duplication, and that is drummed into people who join:


"No need to re-invent the wheel"


"A proven system..."


"Invite people to the meetings and we will train them"


Some companies encourage their people to say as little as possible about the business until they "hook" you at a meeting with how good the opportunity is - and get you excited about it. There may be an attempt to manipulate the atmosphere and stoke you up with the promise that you could earn money quickly - sometimes a blatant appeal to greed.


So with the opportunity being sold on excitement, you are then encouraged to approach people you know and enthusiastically invite them to meetings or presentations.


The result - lots of infuriating, excited people going around pestering others. Who wants to duplicate that?


The distributors themselves have tended in recent years adopted a more sensible, low-key and professional approach because they have realised that the old way will alienate them.


No Wonder There's Been a 97% Failure Rate.. Network Marketing reviews cannot ignore that figure.


Teaching you to duplicate, rather than think for yourself, ensures that any evolution is slow as change is discouraged. The things that put people off get duplicated with only a small number of people occasionally, by exceptional talent or personality, getting anywhere.


And usually when you look to your sponsor or company for help you are told "Work harder!", "Do more!", "Make more calls!"


Do more of what already isn't working...


That frustration can also affect our judgement and make it difficult to distinguish between genuine opportunities and MLM scams.


Network Marketing reviews are often very subjective, either trying to sell up the industry or knock it down.


It helps if the product is good and provides value to you. The bottom line is, if it doesn't give value then it won't work. Period. Too often the products have been overpriced and have under-delivered.


An Industry Feeding Upon Itself! Clearly a significant number of people are enthusiastic about network marketing. They have seen something they like about it and still hope and are striving to make it work.


But the industry as a whole seems to be feeding upon itself. People move from one opportunity to another WITHIN the industry, rather than bringing in new people in large volumes. It has yet to bridge the divide with the mainstream.


Naturally it attracts entrepreneurs and opportunity seekers, those who are willing to try something new and different. Yet while it is seen as "alternative" it will not reach the vast swathes of people who stick with the more ordinary. Until and unless it does it will never be viewed as anything more positively than a quaint "cottage" industry.


Couldn't They Make It Easier? Yes they could. But they don't. Even though it is in their interest to. There is often a strange siege-mentality around the companies. It's them against the the rest of the world.


They are convinced that if you focus intensely enough and work hard enough you can succeed. They will point to their own successful people to prove it.

They will only listen to winners and blank out the rest. After all the one's who haven't made it are just whiners who don't try hard enough. Aren't they?


So much effort is put into showing how good they and their products are that they believe their own marketing. They are not about to admit that they could do better. What sort of message would that give?


They will try to get you to work even harder and have special promotions and bonuses for achievers. It is rather like putting a pot of gold at the top of a steep and difficult mountain, and to incentivise you they put more and more gold into the pot. The problem is that so very few people are able to climb up to mountain. It is just too steep.


For the most part no-one seems to have thought that it might be an idea instead to a make the journey easier, the mountain less steep, so that more people can get up it!


There are exceptions to the rule where the product or service offers such good value that to pass it up would defy common sense. Given a little time those company's results will begin to shine like a beacon for the industry.


What is needed is to work smarter not harder! The aim here is to make it easier for you...


What About The Internet? The internet is a powerful tool for providing information and connecting people. It certainly makes it easier to find Network Marketing reviews and opinions. MLM should be ideal for an online business opportunity, but most internet marketing strategies:


• do the same as they do offline and make unrealistic claims about how many people can be sponsored using the latest "state of the art" money secrets.

• are great for established internet marketing specialists who can drive large volumes of traffic to their sites - but cannot be duplicated.

• are completely automated to avoid any human interaction. This may appeal to the more shy and reserved but there is no real distributor support or training.


Have you noticed the number of online business opportunity landing sites on the web lately?


The result is even more churn as people try out one... then another... then another...


And so it goes on!


Imagine though where the industry would be if everyone who had ever signed up for an opportunity lined up and enrolled in an orderly sequence. The momentum would be unstoppable and the sceptical mainstream would have to sit up and take notice.


Find the right business and perhaps that might happen.


That would certainly cause a stir!



Autor Bio:

Darrin is a successful online marketer, mentor and consultant assisting entrepreneurial people to find success. To find out more about Darrin go to:

Recommended reading:

Of the Network Marketing reviews I have read the best is Anne Seig's free e-book, The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing. It talks in depth about some of the points raised here, and suggests some interesting solutions.

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