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The Making and Mindset of a Guru

It's really not a big secret, but there's a lot of people struggling with starting their own businesses who just aren't "getting it."


The first time I ever heard the term "guru" (I'm dating myself here...) it applied to some hippie-type person espousing the answers to life via various forms of meditation (or illegal substances...).  Nowadays, with respect to online businesses, the term "guru" is applied somewhat randomly to almost anyone who's proven themselves adept in the rapidly changing internet marketing arena.  As the internet continues to expand at an explosive rate, so too are the number of "gurus" popping up everywhere. 


Gurus are most successful at marketing themselves, along with their products which invariably promise to be THE answer to the seemingly endless number of strategies on how to be successful at promoting your business online. For a beginner in this rapidly changing virtual arena, gurus can seem larger than life.  After all, they've figured this stuff out!  And they've made buckets of cash in the process.  Who wouldn't want to be a guru?  


There's something very basic, however, that every "guru" knows, that perhaps the majority haven't clued into...


Gurus never started out to be gurus.


Rarely will you find one today who will admit to suddenly waking up one day thinking, "Gee, I think I want to be a guru."


The fact is, gurus happen.


They happen on their way to other things, and they happen for several, very consistent, reasons.


As you do research into some of the most successful, high profile "gurus" today (you know, the ones coming out with or promoting product launches every other week), you'll find the majority will never claim to be an instant success- They ALL have their failure stories.


The only difference between a guru now, and the person they were when they were failing, is that THEY NEVER SAW THEMSELVES AS A FAILURE.  Gurus by their very nature take failure on as a challenge; as an opportunity in disguise. Failure to a guru is simply another challenge to learn and grow.


In essence, the most important things that you can learn from gurus, apart from what they're selling you, are the character traits and practices to which they consistently adhere.  These are the things which lead them to their success, and ultimately promoted them, per se, to "gurudom":


1. Gurus always surround themselves with success-minded people because that's what successful people do (i.e. water DOES seek its own level).   

2. They understand, and pay attention to, the laws of the Universe with respect to attracting and ALLOWING success and abundance into their lives. Seriously.  Listen to anyone of them talk about their favorite authors and mindset coaches.  What follows is,  

3. Gurus are energy and vibrationally AWARE. If you don't know what that means, then one of the most important books you could start with is "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill.  There's not a guru on the planet who doesn't have a copy.

4. Gurus don't complain. They understand that complaining attracts more things to complain ABOUT.

5. Gurus do not resist, they PERSIST.

6. Gurus understand the power of GRATITUDE and express it freely. It brings more things to be grateful FOR.

7. They understand the power of FORGIVENESS, and that the most important person they may need to forgive is themselves as they maneuver through life.

8. Gurus know that helping others helps THEM.

9. They know that success is a TEAM SPORT.

10.Gurus FEEL deserving of success and know that being

jealous or resentful of someone else's success only pushes it away for themselves. (Back to that vibration and attraction thing...) 

11.Gurus are perpetual students, open to learning. They

understand that when you stop learning, you stop growing,and when you stop growing, the game's over.  

And gurus LOVE BEING IN THE GAME. Which brings us to,

12.They are never complacent. Gurus are passionate about what they do, whatever it is they are doing. 


If you find yourself struggling, understand that it's only a temporary part of your own success story.  If you don't feel like a leader, follow AND ACT like leaders until you do. 


Surround yourself with success-minded people and be a

sponge. KNOW that you're just a guru-in-training. In a nutshell:


Evaluate who you spend most of your time with

Be open to learning new ideas.

Help others.

Don't complain.

Be grateful.

Be vigilant with your thoughts, words, and deeds.

Forgive and believe in YOURSELF.



Gurus understand mindset, above all, determines success. You are important.  Everything you do, everything you say, everything you think, has an effect and it can either lead you toward or away from your goals, whether that be in business, or life in general.


Oh, and one more thing...


Gurus know that ANYONE can be a guru... even you. 


Here's to your guru-ness!


Windsor Easley

M3 Master Consultant 


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