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Never Better

‘I WANT to be happy,’ is an often repeated phrase.  People who say it, get exactly what they’re asking for.  They live in the covetous ‘want’ of happiness.


Wanting to run a marathon won’t make it happen.  Wanting that great pair of running shoes won’t turn your Payless joggers into high tech, state of the art running shoes.  Wanting to fly like an eagle won’t give you wings or get you off the ground.  Whining about, ‘Well, I’d be happy if only … blah, blah, blah!,’ will only make your goals DOA (dead on arrival) victims.  There are a thousand excuses people make under the guise of being a victim. We must take full responsibility for our own happiness or lack thereof.


‘What can I do when I have done nothing but mess up my whole life long?’  These were the words I heard when I turned on the television the other day.  It was coming from one of the ‘blah, blah, blah’ television shows that are so popular these days.  I started to turn the channel, but the words I had heard made me stop for an instant.  I looked at who spoke them.  He couldn’t have been more than eighteen years old but already he was writing off his life as a useless waste.


It is so sad that so many people cannot get beyond their pasts and live in the present with inspiring hope for the future.  There are so many people like that junk talk show guest.  There are people still in their teens thinking their lives are over.  There are people in their twenties who already feel like they have missed the boat to success and happiness.  There are people in their thirties and forties who sit around moaning that life has passed them by.


Don't you want to shout to them all: ‘WAKE UP! You’re still alive! What have you done today?’


Instead of curling yourself into a tight little ball and remaining clutched in the ‘want’ of happiness, open yourself up to the opportunity of receiving it.


You see, it’s a choice!  In this country you have been granted, through our founding fathers, the God-given privilege to pursue happiness!  The very fact that happiness can be pursued presupposes the absolute fact that it CAN definitely be attained!


Decide to be happy UNCONDITIONALLY.  The biggest example in my life of deciding to be happy unconditionally is my father.  Every single time you ask him a simple and routine, ‘hi, how are you doing?’  He never responds, as so many conditioned robots insincerely do, with an oft repeated, mind-numbed, ‘Fine’.  No, he enthusiastically greets you, first and LIFE secondarily, with an uplifting and truly sincere, ‘NEVER Better!’  When he responds he is not joking.  He REALLY is doing NEVER better!  No matter how bad he may be feeling or how many problems have smacked him squarely on the chin with a knock-out punch, he KNOWS he is doing, ‘NEVER Better!’  Every moment he breathes, continuously striving to better and better no matter what, he embraces life with its great roller coaster ride of ups and downs and has made the unconditional CHOICE to be happy.  He is happy on the ups and optimistically, proactively happy on the downs.


Living without the WANT of happiness, to actually achieve it and control it, doesn’t mean you don’t desire or want anything.  Life, in order to be happy, is a succession of right and proper goal achievement.  Set goals both large and small.  In striving to constantly better yourself, CHOOSE, make up your mind with stubborn, unswerving PASSION, to be happy in both success and failure.


Fill the holes in your life with the joy of being alive.  Work at happiness from the inside out.  Remove the weight of ‘want’ off of your heavily burdened shoulders and make the active decision to be happy unconditionally.


When you are TRULY happy, it shows.  It seeps from you eyes and rolls off your words.  Your peace of heart, supported by a solid foundation of true character, is both unflappable and unstoppable.  Your life becomes what it really should be, a precarious source of fulfilling happiness.  A peaceful, more rewarding endeavor that, not only adds to your wealth and health, but also adds to your overall enjoyment of life.  Your ‘want’ is gone, and without it, you stand in the wake of grand possibilities.


Your eyes see the positive in what you have, instead of the negative in coveting what you lack.  Happiness starts coming at you from a multitude of different directions.  Your life improves seemingly without much effort.  You begin to look forward to each day and each day’s activities with a passion to be just a little better than the day before. A passion that assures you that you are doing ‘NEVER Better!’


My dad used to tell me and display by his example to this day something that Abraham Lincoln once said, ‘People are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be!’


You have a choice.  Live in the ‘want’ of happiness or ‘be happy’.  The choice is completely up to YOU!



About the Author:

Tom Heckman hails from Ohio where he has worked full-time in the network marketing industry for over 18 prosperous years!  He is a happily married father of EIGHT and loving every minute of it!  He is the President/CEO of LeadPak International.  His Biography can be found at: He can be contacted directly through his website at http://www, or 


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