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Duplication = Massive Sales, Growth & Money !

Duplication = Massive Sales, Growth & Money !

Hello my friends! Today we are going to be talking about Duplication. If you are involved with any type of Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing business then you have heard the term Duplication. To duplicate in the dictionary means to make an exact copy, to do or perform again or to repeat. Just like a carbon copy or a xerox of a letter.

So how do I duplicate myself ?
How will duplication help me grow my business and make money? Both are very good questions. To answer the first question, you duplicate your self by sharing. If you have one or more people in your group or business down line, then you need to share with them. Share what? First you share with them how you got them into your business in the first place. If you placed an ad on a website like Craig's List or Backpage, show them how to do that. Tell them what you said and how to place the ad. This all seems so basic but there are many people coming into online business everyday with no experience at all. The simple little things that you take for granted might just be what they need to get started. Take the time to show your new people the hows and it will return back to you as growth and income.

Now the second question.
 How will duplication help me grow my business and make money? But teaching your people how to get the results that you have gotten, little as it may be, will set you up in their eyes as a leader and mentor. They will take the strategies that you just taught them and recreate the results for themselves! Now your business is growing. The more your business grows, the more potential sales you will make.

Now here is the tricky part.
Let's say you teach them everything that you know and your business or marketing group is still not growing? The is an old saying about leading a horse to water. You can help to teach your people but they have to take action thenselves. You can not make them do anything. But you can make it very easy for them by using a Marketing System. You might have read one of my other articles about the importance of Marketing Systems.

A Marketing System
is a step by step program that you can plug your people into that will train them, provide them with lead capture pages and all the other resources and tools to succeed. If you are not using a Marketing System to market your business online then you will be left behind. The good news is they are available to anyone. And some are even free! Visit the links below for more information on Marketing Systems and how they will help you succeed!


Until Next Time, All The Best ! Dale Werner

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