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Hello, my name is Andrea. McCorkle,I’m a single stay at home mom with 9 kids..and was looking for the right experience
to come into my life..I am an avid fan of personal development.

I wanted to start my own business, be my own boss because as like most other people- I wanted
to plan my future accordingly on my terms.

I looked for possible business opportunities before I stumbled across this opportunity which CHANGED MY LIFE.

I had previously tried to get my own company up and running before about 5 years ago-but did not succeed due to the demands, lack of support and over time in investment of work.

I left it for a while, but then the issue of idea, financial freedom and success overcame me- and once again I began my quest for the right product and company to help in my success.

I wanted it to be the right choice- something I believed in and something in which ethically and morally- I wanted to aspire with Marketing experience. Which means I also love helping people to become very successful
and fulfil their dreams of personal freedom.