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By Ariston P Awitan

Promoting your  Home Business by direct mail is still the best way of reaching Prospects.

So that you will not waste your precious time and  hard-earned money, you have to select

the  business that you  want to do at home.

These are  the 5 Important Tips to consider in selecting your Direct Mail Home Business:

1. Stability of the Company. Choose a company  that has been in business for at least 5 years, preferrably

a Multi-Million Dollar debt-free company with  owners with experience and integrity.

 2. The Product  is the Source of   are Leads  to Promote your Direct Meal business.

3 .Marketing Tools . The marketing tools and marketing materials   to send to the prospoects  should be

attractive and effective.

4. The Compensation Plan Benefits New Members.-- The compoensation plan does not only benefit the

established heavy hitters of the business, but  also the new members.

5. Readily Available Customer Support-   The customer support  should be readily available,   and if  there

is a 24/7   customer support available, it is even better.

6. Easy To Do. The business should be easy to do without complicated methods which are  not readily

doable by a new member. It should not require too much time  to do the business.

7.Positive Testimonials of Members.-- There should be membersd who have acually earned money in

doing the business, This is the disadvantage of Pre-launch companies since they do not have members

that have already made money  with the business.

About the Author:

Dr. Ariston P Awitan  is a retired orthopedic surgeon who became a Professional Network Marketer.

for  more than 20 years.

His links:

Phone: 713-392-5493



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