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Vincent This is by f­ar one of my­ favorite pl­aces to adve­rtise. The m­embers here ­give great...
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This is by f­ar one of my­ favorite pl­aces to adve­rtise. The m­embers here ­give great...
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Web Architect behind
NY, United States | Marketing

I am a professional web developer who has been at it for 16+ years... If you can dream it up, I can make it happen.

I am not currently taking on any freelance work so I can focus all of my efforts on my marketing system:

I am currently having great success and eating well with a program called Rastelli Direct. It's a FOOD MLM where they pay you to EAT and share FOOD with others. It's USA only right now, but definitely take a close look at this company, it's about to hit it's momentum:

The second one which is showing GREAT potential is called IGNITE. They are an ELECTRICITY services company that PAYS you to get people to switch their electric bill to them. Nothing physically changes and your local utilities company still services the lines, it's just a different billing company.
People WILL save money and you WILL be the HERO. Everybody wins!
If you have lists or large downlines in the states that are currently deregulated and supported by IGNITE, then you are setup to PROFIT big time. Get all of the info at this site, then contact me to get you setup:

For those of you who are international, I have a winner for you as well. We have been promoting the TalkFusion Video Tools Suite and it's INSTANT PAYOUTS with great success.
MSG me to be put in contact with the computer GENIUSES in our upline. They are pulling out ALL the stops to make sure that everyone in the team gets paid. They have rotators that will fill your team and everyone gets top notch training that can apply to ALL of your businesses.
This is more than just video email and a bunch of tools slapped together, by joining TalkFusion, you are joining a family of dedicated marketers who KNOW what is working now.
MSG me so I can walk you through signup and make sure you get placed in the right spot in our team. or just follow the link below:

A bit of advice:
There's a lot of people promoting a lot of SHADY programs on here. Be careful what you are spending money on. I only join and promote QUALITY products with SUBSTANCE behind them. If the product is junk or even worse, if there is no real product other than the opportunity, then stay far far away!
I have seen IT ALL when it comes to internet marketing garbage and know when to stay away. Stick with me and hop on programs that are not going to waste your time or money.