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Global Business Consulting and Networking , MLM Social Service
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Basic Information
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Birthday: (54 years old)
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I am an MLM Vendor
Contact Information
My Company:
My Company :
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+358 45 1290942
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What You Need Most Right Now:
Couch people who want to get financial freedom in affiliate marketing, with consept that is making history.
Personal Information
About Me:
"Way to success is fun to go with a good team, with friends, having fun together and helping each other to reach the goals"

I am affiliate for Vemma. I live in Helsinki, Finland. I've been in network marketing for six years, and I have found that affiliate marketing in Vemma is much funnier than being an ordinary worker. And it's certainly much better business than being an Investment Adviser, that I was over a decade or ordinary network marketer, much funnier and much more rewarding.

I'm very lucky that I've found affiliate marketing and have an opportunity to work with Vemma. It's great to have business where you can get success by helping others without insane recruiting .

My personal interest is to help as many people as I can to have healthier life and success.
I've been given best tools and products for it, so why don't use them?

So, This is what I'm doing and I want to share with you what's all about. Check out this short video presented by our CEO BK Boreyko:
After you have viewed this video you can visit my site and find more info about our products&business. And if you like what you'll you canorder products or join our revolution trough my site. If you like to ask something contact me;
Activities and Interests:
Travelling, Affiliate marketing, Network Marketing/MLM, coaching, reading, music, movies, nordic walking.
Favorite MLM Trainers/Speakers/Instructors:
Brian Tracy, BK Boreyko, Ed Ludbrook, Tim Sales, Mikko Tukonen
Favorite Authors:
Brian Tracy, Ed Ludbrook, Robert Kiyosaki, Stephen King, Richard Bach
Favorite Books:
Brian Tracy's: Personal Success Made Simpla, Ludbrook's: 100% Success, Kiyosaki's: Business school, King's:Shining, Bach's: Illusions,The Adventures of a reluctant messiah
Favorite Quotations:
"Way to success is fun to go with a good team, with friends, having fun together and helping each other to reach the goals" -TM
Favorite Music:
Almost everything.... pop, rock, classic, punk, grunge..... There's so much good in music.
Favorite Movies:
Fisher king, Clockwork Orange, the Secret, Hangover 1&2, Z, Kummeli Stories, Kummeli Kultakuume, Tarzan of the Apes (original), Wimbledon,
Favorite TV Shows:
The Blacklist, The Americans, Modern family, Elementary, Closer, The Apprentice (US), Virta, Terra Nova, Boardwalk Empire,