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Bass Fishing and Network Marketing


I guess you might tell by my pic that I might do a little bass fishing.   That bass weighed 11.18 lbs. and was released alive and well in Caddo Lake here in northwest Louisiana.    I do fish many local tournament trails here in Northwest Louisiana and do OK and even get in the money from time to time. But...these little trails or only good for about 6 months out of the year so wanted another means of generating an additional income. I am a retired autoworker from our local GM Truck plant. We build the Colorado/Canyon light trucks and did build the Hummer 3's. I do receive a retirement check and and SSI but frankly I am a little concerned about both of those sources of income. 


I have many things I am passionate about and after family and grand kids I really love bass fishing and network marketing.   While on the lake the other day and it came to me how similar fishing and network marketing were. I also realized that to be successful in either there are certain things and techniques you must learn and do on a regular basis. Learning never stops.

If you were to go to a lake, put your boat in the water and immediately start randomly casting around you, you may catch a fish. The chances of doing that are very low to almost zero. Same with your network marketing techniques. You need to focus your attention on the where and how you approach your business.

There is an old saying that 90% of the bass are only in 10% of the water on almost any given lake. I've found that to be very true over the years. Are you placing your adds and marketing your business just randomly where potential prospects can learn about your business? Are you just randomly throwing something out there in hopes that someone will come along and find your message?

Tip:  "Some 83% of American adults own cell phones and three-quarters of them (73%) send and receive text messages. The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project asked those texters in a survey how they prefer to be contacted on their cell phone and 31% said they preferred texts to talking on the phone."  Pew Research Center - Americans and Texting


Give that some thought next time you text your friend or acquaintance. Might be an easier approach for some that may be trying to find a way to offer your business opportunity to a friend.


You will find while marketing your business there are some things you are just better at doing than others. Focus your efforts on what you do best but don't ignore other ways to market your business or product. Have you started your own blog or used the social networks to market yourself or your business opportunity? Have you made worthwhile post and replies in forums to build credibility? Offer something of value in your post and replies. Not blatant adds for your business. How about publishing your own articles. They are easier to do than you may think. Or have someone do them for you. You can find many places on the net that will even write and publish an article, in YOUR name, then submit to the dozens of directories and places that accept them.


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