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Stephen We maxed out­ on our Xcel­lent Choice ­Business Opp­ortunity pre­launch webin­ar last...
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A Serious Business Approach to Network Marketing
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We maxed out­ on our Xcel­lent Choice ­Business Opp­ortunity pre­launch webin­ar last...
Updated: 5 year(s) ago

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I am an MLM Company Owner
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Since 1996 Stephen Scott (Founder - Team Building Project) has personally mentored and trained thousands of people in multiple countries, helping them achieve success in network marketing. Stephen has written hundreds of articles on network marketing, and is the author of the new book: "The Complete Guide To Network Marketing Success".

In 2009 Stephen launched the worlds first web based interactive global team building system (The Team Building Project). To date, the Team Building Project (TBP) has attracted nearly 50,000 members in over 150 countries. The TBP back-end platform successfully enables real-time mentoring and training while promoting active participation and communication among members worldwide. The TBP is free to join, and provides real-time support, training and mentoring, all designed to help you succeed.
University of North Dakota
B.S. - Chemical Engineering
Minor - Mathematics
Mylaso | Organic CBD Products
Founder & CEO
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About Me:
Since graduating from college I have had the pleasure of doing the two things I love most, helping people succeed in business, and developing internet companies. I have been honored to train and mentor sales and business development representatives in the corporate world. I have also been honored to train and mentor thousands of network marketers in multiple countries, helping them develop the skills required for building a successful business.

I was first introduced to network marketing in 1996, after having spent several years resisting all recruiting attempts by friends, family members and business colleagues. I can vividly recall telling them it was all a scam, and that no one ever makes money in network marketing. However, the constant stream of invitations eventually wore me down, and I agreed to attend a business opportunity meeting.

Attending my first business opportunity meeting was literally a life changing event, I couldn't believe what I heard, nor could I believe the incredible success stories that were being shared. Well, it's not surprise I decided to get started, and despite being a bit un-coachable, my first experience in network marketing was a success. I quickly moved up the ranks, and was recognized as a top performer within my first 90-days of getting started.

Around the same time, I became fascinated with the Internet, learning everything I could about programing, servers, databases, web design, advertising, and search engines. My early experience on the Internet gave me a clear understanding of how it could be used to expand my network marketing business globally. And with that in mind, I built a website designed to find and recruit network marketers throughout Europe. Within 4 months of launching my website, I had identified several leaders, leading to the establishment of rapidly growing teams in 7 countries.

And as if that wasn't enough, while building my global network marketing business, I built two internet companies, the first was a domain name registration company, and the second, a website hosting company, both of which were very successful.

After spending a few years holding executive level sales and business development positions with technology companies, I decided to follow-through on my idea to develop an online platform where network marketers worldwide can build their own team, receive expert training, communicate, and work together, regardless of their business opportunity.

In 2009, I decided to combine my business, technology, and network marketing experience to develop the world's first web-based, multi-level team building system (Team Building Project - TBP). Since its official launch in June of 2009, tens of thousands of network marketers have joined, representing over 150 countries.

My book "The Complete Guide to Network Marketing Success: Recruiting - Training - Building" represents my latest attempt to help network marketers worldwide succeed. It represents the very best of all that I have learned, and I hope you will find it helpful as you pursue your network marketing career.
Favorite Books:
"The Complete Guide to Network Marketing Success - Recruiting - Training - Building" by Stephen Scott

Stop Sabotaging Your Best Life -