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Posted: Mon 22 November 2010 - 1 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]
Category: Coaching

I recently got a message from a MLMS friend who was lamenting about

her sponsor telling her to "just go out and sell"!

That in my opinion is the poorest way to build a seriously growing downline

team.  What we've found that works best is to SHOW newbies how to recruit

by recruiting their first few reps for them to help them build their confidence

that YOUR way of recruiting will really work for THEM!

Its not a handout, its a handUP! 


They still need 3 reps to get into profit to cover their $299.00 Senior Manager

rep fee.  Plus, they eventually will need a total of 8 direct reps to get promoted

to the much higher $200.00 direct fast start bonus per rep level of Vice-President. 


So, what you are really doing when you lead by EXAMPLE is set your own self

up for even more income from that succeeding rep, rather than just TELLING them

to recruit and letting them wither on the vine of recruiting failure until they QUIT

trying to recruit altogether!

Just imagine how motivated they are when they get their first few checks for

$100.00 for 2 reps they where SHOWN how to get by their sponsor or upline! 

That will practically eliminate them from dropping out, right?

Plus, when their 2 rep newbies are SHOWN how to get their first 2 reps, that

will start building their sponsor's downline.  that's another reason for them to

stick with and continue growing YOUR team!

Therefore, by building your downline by SHOWING newbies how to recruit to

their income benefit, rather than just TELLING them to recruit just so you can

get more income,  you will be build stability and real income growth on your

team for everyone.

Of course, your company's compensation plan has to be so well thought out

from a team builder's stand point that you will also get compensated very well

to give recruits away even to UNPROVEN newbies. 


With Lightyear, the comp plan pays Vice-Presidents the EXACT same amount

the newbies get when we give them their first few recruits, a $100.00 fast start

bonus each.  That bonus for building your team goes up to a whopping $195.00

for each $100.00 you give to newbies, based on your team's rep and customer

growth numbers when you reach the TOP level of proven team building success!

Enjoy life!



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