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To All Top Client Based Sales Professionals:

Imagine, being able to turn every prospect and client into a perpetual

referral generating list, and override a nationwide sales team who are

doing the same with their prospects and clients?

How can you do this?

First, view these 2 web card that outlines the basic details of this


Next, view the webinar link below that introduces the 17 year old, publicly

traded company behind this opportunity and their #1 list building sales

team that you will become a part of:

Get Our Team's 24/7 Webinar Here:



Our #1 Team's Dual List Building System Will Help You In Three Ways:

             1. It will help you increase your AVERAGE sale with your clients

to as much as $125.00 a month, or $1500.00 annualized without

taking any NEW money out of their ever shrinking family budgets.

2. It will help you increase your NUMBER of weekly sales through

an endless chain of highly motivated referrals, who will be eager to

follow your recommendations for their family financial security

without any net LOSS in their available discretionary income.

3. It will help you build a sales team to be able get paid weekly and

monthly overrides as a result of the successful sales results of others,

without any increase in your overhead expenses, or you having to

change anything in your normal daily sales and prospecting activities. 

Here's How To Get It All Started:

Simply, reply to this email with your full name in the subject line.

Within 24 hours you will receive a follow up email with the exact setup steps

to put this dual prospecting system into perpetual motion to grow your sales,

and the details to setup your own team Sales Pro List builder to grow your

own nationwide sales team, GUARANTEED!

Before You Decide, YES or NO Consider These 3 Summary Points:

         1. There are over 3,000,000 client based, "kitchen table" Sales Pros in

America who need to know about this opportunity to increase their day to

day sales, and as a result their income, in spite of this bad economy!

2. There are 280,000,000 (million) cell phone customers in America who

are already spending over $160,000,000,000.00 (billion) a year for the

same high quality wireless services they can NOW get absolutely FREE

by just giving you and your Sales Pros team just 5 motivated wireless

customer referrals!

3. When your Sales Pros team tell those millions of wireless customers

about the opportunity to eliminate that major bill, they will not only get

much larger sales and many more sales through referrals, but you will

also get paid over and over, month in and month out, for inviting them

to your Sales Pros List and helping them to get it all started!


Thank you in advance for subscribing to my Top Sales Pros List!

Curtis Frierson
Lightyear Vice-President of New Sales Development