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Posted: Mon 29 June 2015 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]

If it seems like your monthly cable/satellite television bills are getting more expensive, it's only because they are.

The Federal Communications Commission reported that average cable television bills nationwide jumped by 5.8 percent in a one-year period. Considerably higher than the 3.7 percent increase in the price of all goods and services.

An analysis by the Consumers Union reveals cable rates have increased at least 30 percent over the five years, nearly three times the rate of overall inflation. One common tactic used by providers like Time Warner and Comcast is to start new customers on an 'introductory' rate plan for 1-2 years, then afterwards incrementally raise the rates and in some cases remove some channels and move them to packages that require an 'upgrade' to a more expensive package.

Satellite TV is transmitted from communication satellites to a satellite dish attached to the customer's home. The signal is then sent to a box which is connected to a television set in the home.  And while their monthly rates tend to be lower than that of cable TV, many satellite providers require a 1-2 year contract with a substantial early termination fee.

Consumers have become mad as hell and have had enough from cable/satellite companies and are flocking to other options such as Hulu, Netflix, Redbox, and others. However, there are still monthly costs involved even though they are lesser than that of cable and satellite services.

Consumers are also finding great value in purchasing inexpensive movie boxes which allows them to stream movies from a box similar to those supplied by cable/satellite directly to their television. The pricing for those boxes is reasonable, but there's still a monthly cost involved.

And many consumers are beginning to gravitate towards the streaming media center which is a smart TV box that streams in HD with no monthly fees or contracts. The pricing may be a bit higher, but the wider range of available movies, tv shows, sports programming, and worldwide radio stations in addition to paying customers for referrals makes it more than worth it.



The media center does provide the best alternative to the rising monthly costs of watching television with its global options for both media and music, and in addition giving cash back to customers for referrals. If you really want to eliminate the monthly cost of watching TV from your household budget, that's definitely going to be your best option.


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