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Lynda New video fo­r you https:­//­4I1YJN1HLQ
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New video fo­r you https:­//­4I1YJN1HLQ
Updated: 12 month(s) ago

MLM Distributor
Basic Information
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I am an MLM Distributor, I am an MLM Company Owner, I am an MLM Vendor
Contact Information
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My Company :
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My Website:
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PO not disclosed
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Education and Work
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My Expertise:
I am a teacher and a trainer. I have regular free generic training that I can help plug you into.
I boss myself
Teacher / Trainer / Internet Lead Generation Coach / MLM Network Marketing
Personal Information
About Me:
Hey thanks so much for becoming my friend.. glad to meet you!

Some people hide a lot about themselves.. I believe in being real!

I am a more seasoned woman been married twice and the second stuck..

I have 3 grown children who are productive adults and I am thankful..

I have 7 grandchildren...

I am a native of Colorado.. and only lived in another place for 1 year and was so glad to get back to Colorado!

Yes its sometimes cold here.. but I guess I love it mostly because my family is here.. and I believe the major thing is you choose where you want to be!

Many people ask what company I am with..

Long ago I started branding myself..

Which means I am the company..

I sell what fits my brand!

Being in business for yourself.. means calling the shots - all the shots!

That means to me that no company or product dictates to me what my business is..

Instead I am the entity and I choose companies and products I wish to integrate into my business!

That is a totally different mindset than most people have! (And actually a much freer one!)

So now I love to share how to use a very simple online model that people are loving..

I have an internet and tools business helping people leverage the internet and social media to get more leads, and sales.. helping people leverage the internet.. connect with me if you want more info..
Activities and Interests:
I love internet marketing and have taken the time to learn and now I teach it!, Relationships with people.
Favorite MLM Trainers/Speakers/Instructors:
Art Jonak, Randy Gage, Eric Worre, Juanita Waterman
Favorite Authors:
Napoleon Hill, Jeff Olson, Dale Carnegie
Favorite Books:
The Slight Edge, Think and Grow Rich, Mach II Hair On Fire
Favorite Quotations:
Show enough people how to get what they want, and you will naturally get what you want! Jim Rohn, Zig Zigler

Let others lead small lives, but not you. Let others argue over small things, but not you. Let others cry over small hurts, but not you. Let others leave their future in someone Else's hands, but not you.
Jim Rohn

Don't bring your need to the marketplace, bring your skill. If you don't feel well, tell your doctor, but not the marketplace. If you need money, go to the bank, but not the marketplace.
Jim Rohn
Favorite Music:
Anything that lifts
Favorite Movies:
Star Trek
Favorite TV Shows:
don't watch it