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Ken Wealthy Affi­liate has be­en around si­nce about 20­05. https://­therelations­hipmarketer.­com/
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TEAM NEW EARTH , The Secret Masterminds Group And Latest News In Network Success Systems
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Wealthy Affi­liate has be­en around si­nce about 20­05. https://­therelations­hipmarketer.­com/
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Wealthy Affiliate
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I have enjoyed successes with offline marketing. I have aquired some online experience over several years of trial and error with several companies. I am looking forward to using this new tool set to build my new online presence. I plan on doing a coffee break of sorts with the webcasing, strickly for marketing tips.
NO promoting or selling or recruiting. Still working on that one!

“Not so long ago, in a galaxy not that far away” I did what everyone did and got a good education and worked hard. I took courses that allowed me to have the kind of job that I could be free to work for myself and not have to punch a clock. For a while it was great. I travelled all over Canada and the USA and met a lot of people while driving tractor trailer. What a lot of work and headaches, I owned my own rigs. Then I owned my own construction company with a lot of employees with a dream of a better life.

When the different recessions hit through the years I had to get my head out of the “stars” (Trekie) so to speak and take a job as an industrial mechanical engineer. It was a good job but that persistent dream was still there. I suffered a permanent work related Injury to my back and shoulder that ended my career. I was devastated about it and it seemed my dream of working for myself just went up in smoke. I spent a long time in physical therapy and learning a whole new skill set for the work force. A friend
introduced me to network marketing and I got excited about the
possibility of owning my own company again.

I joined a good solid company but there were a lot of personality conflicts that caused me to leave and pursue other avenues. I started to take a look at money making ventures online and I researched a lot of them for quite a long time. I watched what worked, what didn’t, and what were just plain scams.

I found that making money online was not as easy as it sounded. But it is simple. I did the work needed to be successful as an online marketer but I was still looking for that perfect business model that would allow me to do what I wanted to accomplish.

Then I met some great people in the same field with a dream.
I joined them in their venture because it did not interfere with my primary business in fact they complimented each other. I found my home. My Review Of What I Found. Two separate companies that went hand in hand. With the best of the best at the helm.

Today I’m married to my best friend Sherry and we love to teach people how they too can have a profitable online or offline business and take care of their health at the same time. I look forward to each day and wonder how many more people we can help. We kept that dream alive and now we want to help everyone we can. I have been there, done that, and I havefinally found what I was looking for. I feel truly blessed every day.
Activities and Interests:
Learning, sharing and helping others first.
Then I like fishing and the outdoors.
Favorite Books:
The Bible
Favorite Quotations:
"If you help enough other people get what
they want, you will have EVERYTHING you want”
- Zig Ziglar