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Sharing Profits Hourly !

Share Cost Each $1 with $5 - $30 - $1000 Plans

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Hourlyrevshare is an in marketing company dedicated to revolutionizing the advertising industry by bringing a unique financial benefit to both the customer and the advertiser with our cutting-edge systems. We offer our members the opportunity to advertise their sites by listing them on our rotator and also, members are paid certain fixed percentage hourly depending on the plan they buy into. Each share generate fixed hourly return from our total revenue pool. Members simultaneously earn every hour depending on what plan they choose. day to day.

4.5% Basic Plan Projection Income (Just for calculation purpose)
Min AdPack: $5
Maximum AdPack: $295
Earn 0.1875% Per hour!
Earn 4.5% Cumulative hourly interest every day!

5.5% Premium Plan Projection Income (Just for calculation purpose)
Min AdPack: $300
Maximum AdPack: $995
Earn 0.2291% Per hour!
Earn 5.5% Cumulative hourly interest every day!

6.5% VIP Plan Projection Income (Just for calculation purpose)
Min AdPack: $1000
Maximum AdPack: $10000
Earn 0.278% Per hour!
Earn 6.5% Cumulative hourly interest every day!

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 Have you heard of Amega Global's new revolutionary products that?
Amega Global is a cutting-edge energetic wellness technology company that manufactures and distributes products that promote holistic global wellness through physical and financial self-care,

The Amega mission is to enable all of mankind to achieve the highest levels of health, personal development, and financial freedom, while helping them care for their community and the environment.
5 Reasons to Join AMEGA GLOBAL:

1. Own proprietary AMized Fusion Technology (AFT)

Our technology is based on the principle of quantum physics and quantum resonance where we are able to energize the products to facilitate the body's healing ability.

2. Products are manufactured in our own premises

Almost all our products are manufactured in our own premises. This gives us great leverage and flexibility for improvements and changes.

3. A global seamless Compensation Plan

Our eight-way compensation plan combines both the binary and uni-level system to give you the advantage of having referral income and residual income.

4. We have 18 country offices and global distribution network in 151 countries around the world

We are able to provide you a global distribution network where you are able to build a business anytime with anywhere and with anyone.

5. A fully committed management team

Our experienced and knowledgeable management team believes that your success is our success, and is ready to help you every step of the way.




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The multi-tip AMWand Plus is made up of a special combination of granulated crystals and minerals, with diamond dust added for a more powerful effect. These are processed using our proprietary AMized Fusion Technology, which resonates at Zero-Point field to help bring balance and energetic wellness to the body.

It comes with three tips, each with its own special and unique function. In addition, the genuine ruby stone not only amplifies the resonance of the AMWand Plus, but also gives it a touch of class and exclusivity.

Facial Tip: Use to energize the facial muscles to support better circulation, thus relieving tension and stress lines, bringing about deep relaxation.

Acupressure Tip: Use to energize acupunctural points that are depleted of energy so as to alleviate discomfort on certain parts of the body.

All-Purpose Tip and the 10 Body Fields: Use the all-purpose tip to energize your body fields by pressing lightly or rotating the AMWand as close as possible to the desired area, such as :

a) energy field, amwandplus1
b) general circulation,
c) head field,
d) throat field,
e) shoulder and neck field,
f) back field,
g) heart and chest field,
i) kidneys and bladder field, and
j) sexual or reproductive field.

A real Ruby Stone is embedded on the clip of the AMWand Plus!


Assists in bringing energy fields into homeostasis
Helps clear distortions in bio-energetic fields
Supports healing of individual body fields
Facilitates and strengthens energy flow

General Use:

Use the AMWand Plus on all of your foods, drinks and personal care products, such as toothpaste and shampoo. Simply rotate in a clockwise direction as close as possible.


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