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The multi-tip AMWand Plus is made up of a special combination of granulated crystals and minerals, with diamond dust added for a more powerful effect. These are processed using our proprietary AMized Fusion Technology, which resonates at Zero-Point field to help bring balance and energetic wellness to the body.

It comes with three tips, each with its own special and unique function. In addition, the genuine ruby stone not only amplifies the resonance of the AMWand Plus, but also gives it a touch of class and exclusivity.

Facial Tip: Use to energize the facial muscles to support better circulation, thus relieving tension and stress lines, bringing about deep relaxation.

Acupressure Tip: Use to energize acupunctural points that are depleted of energy so as to alleviate discomfort on certain parts of the body.

All-Purpose Tip and the 10 Body Fields: Use the all-purpose tip to energize your body fields by pressing lightly or rotating the AMWand as close as possible to the desired area, such as :

a) energy field, amwandplus1
b) general circulation,
c) head field,
d) throat field,
e) shoulder and neck field,
f) back field,
g) heart and chest field,
i) kidneys and bladder field, and
j) sexual or reproductive field.

A real Ruby Stone is embedded on the clip of the AMWand Plus!


Assists in bringing energy fields into homeostasis
Helps clear distortions in bio-energetic fields
Supports healing of individual body fields
Facilitates and strengthens energy flow

General Use:

Use the AMWand Plus on all of your foods, drinks and personal care products, such as toothpaste and shampoo. Simply rotate in a clockwise direction as close as possible.