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Countless women across the Internet are unintentionally destroying their dating lives on a daily basis.  They continue to make the same mistakes over and over, and the worst part is, they have no idea that they are doing so! 
Well let’s take a look a few of the more common mistakes that women make when meeting men.  Take a look and see if you are guilty of any of the following errors:
1.  Talking Too Much. 
Its no secret that many women love to talk.  Guys know this, women know this, heck, anyone with a breathing pulse knows this.  But dating is not a forum for you to voice all the views and stories you have ever had onto the unfortunate victim whom is sitting across from you. 
Have some fun, keep the conversation light, and most importantly, let your date talk half the time.  Listening is key, and getting to know the man across from you by making him feel heard is the key to making him want to get to know you better.
2.  Trying to be the alpha male.
There is nothing worse then when a woman tries to take the role of the man.  These types of women try to take charge of every little aspect of the date, as well as the planning process.  In a sense, they are acting like the alpha males, instead of the types of women that men are attracted to. 
It’s cool when women make decisions and take charge every now and then.  But not when it becomes over-bearing and the status quo.  So ease up, and let men feel like the men they want to feel like!
3.  Acting like a stalker.
Most men like a little attention in the early stages of a relationship.  We want to feel as if women are in fact interested in us.  But not when it reaches a point where we feel like we have been dating for years, even though it has only been a couple of weeks. 
Ease up on the clinginess and let the relationship grow stronger over time.  If you don’t give the relationship time to evolve naturally, then you will scare us men off before the relationship ever reaches that next level.
There you have it.  Three common mistakes women make that will scare most men off.  The question is, are you guilty of these errors in judgment!
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With January upon us we can look forward to another year of opportunity, hope, and promise. As we go into this New Year many of us are still optimistically searching for that special someone to walk into our lives and help us to live happily ever after. As great as that would be, life is not like the movies. It is very rare for someone to just waltz into our lives. Sometimes we have to be proactive and make things happen. This is why online dating is my number one suggestion for improving your dating life in 2011.

Why I am so big on online dating? Here are three reasons why you should immediately sign up for online dating right now.


1. Online dating is the future of dating. Like it or not, we live in a technology driven world. As each year passes by the amount of people that join online dating sites grows in dramatic numbers. More people than ever are forming relationships from people that they have met online with statistics reaching as high as almost twenty percent. This is a staggering number that shows just how popular and effective online dating can be. With this large increase means only one thing, not only are people signing up, but "normal," high quality people from all walks of life are signing up! Online dating is no longer something that lonely desperate people do. It is now for everyone!


2. Online dating can save you tons of time. We all live very busy lives. Who has the time to go out searching for someone at bars and clubs every weekend? Not only is it time consuming, but we will often spend tons of money just attempting to meet people in these places. For fifty dollars or less per month, we are spending less than we would probably spend on one night out!


3. Online dating is fun! Plain and simple. Who would have ever dreamed fifty years ago that one day we would be able to go shopping for the perfect person from the comfort of our own homes? I could literally sit at home in my underwear, drinking a beer, and hit on any girl I want at the same time. What a world!


With all the great advantages of online dating these days, it is almost silly not to join. So follow this online dating advice and get yourself signed up for an online dating site immediately. You will not regret it.


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