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I am an MLM Distributor, I am an MLM Vendor
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A little bit about me. My name is Jonathan Czegledi. I am no one special here.

For over 4 years I was the store manager and catering manager of one of the most popular kosher restaurants and catering companies in Long Island, Ny – Traditions Eatery/Oasis Cateres.

I was very good at what I did. I started at the very bottom as a delivery driver making barley $20,000 a year. Long story short, by the time I left I was making over 6 figures a year.

The money was great. Really great. I was single. I had my own 2 bedroom apartment. I was driving a $60,000 Lexus GS-350 F-Sport with tinted windows, a grey exterior and a red cabernet leather interior. I bought whatever my eyes saw. A $3,500 Dolce & Gabbana fur coat (It was originally $6,000. I waited till it went on sale. I wasn’t that nuts), a $3,000 suit, a $2,000 cigar indian. Money was of no consequence.

But outside of money and “things” I really didn’t have much time to enjoy them or spend time with my friends and family.

I was working 7 days a week, sometimes 90 hours work weeks, holidays and weekends. I was always missing someone’s wedding, birthday party or get together.

As I was getting serious with my girlfriend at the time, I realized that once I got married, this wasn’t the kind of life style that I wanted for myself and our future family. I wanted to always be there for my wife. I wanted to see and enjoy our kids growing up.

So I started looking for something else. Something where I would be in a position to not only make the same kind of money that I got used to, but something where I would also be able to have time freedom.

I got extremely lucky! Through my friend’s brother-in-law I got introduced to network marketing.

I’ll be completely honest with you, I wasn’t an overnight success. Out of the first 4 people that I signed-up, one only got a handful of customers then quit, one quit the very next day and two didn’t quit, but they never did a thing.

The problem was me, not the company. I wasn’t coachable and I didn’t plug into their proven system. But I never quit.

It has been a long, fun and very rewarding journey since I first got started…

My partners and I have enabled countless people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds to experience financial and personal freedom, allowing them to live the life they’ve always imagined – A life without boundaries!

The fact that you’re here makes you an acting person, ready for a change, ready to live life to the fullest, ready to not only have financial freedom, but time freedom as well.

Just like you, we were once searching for the perfect financial vehicle to achieve those freedoms, and we found it! Now our mission is to genuinely help you achieve those freedoms by not only showing you how we’ve done it, but helping you do the same!

The system that we’ve assembled is an accumulation, of years of intensive trial and error. Today, this highly refined, yet simple system is taught at many local training events and is constantly creating champions. In 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014, our team has been not only the fastest growing team, but the highest income producing team in the entire company.

From former housewives, to business owners, lawyers and everyone in between, our results offers proof that with our simple and easily duplicatable business model and training, the keys to success are available to everyone.