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Attracting, retaining and motivating your best talent is critical for a direct selling business success. But what do you do when the business environment changes. Entrepreneurs must find out new ways to encourage the distributors. The most valuable part of any direct selling company is the distributor. They are responsible for all customer engagement and retention, building a strong sales team, and boosting profitability. So it's essential to keep distributors engaged with your business. They bring value with their just-in-time procurement strategies to risk management, and from relationships with customers they can bring customer continuity. 





When your team’s performance is measured and rewarded, they will always keep that in their minds. It provides them with the motivation to work hard for success. Gamification uses game-like techniques to engage people in solving problems and accomplishing goals. Product quizzes and organizational surveys help people learn better. In a nutshell, setting milestones and rewards can boost your productivity and sales rate.Providing them with proper training can enhance their skills.


Fun is important in the workplace. It helps distributors relieve stress and boosts engagement. Creativity and innovation come from fun, too. Competitive contests can make things interesting for everyone - which also encourages them to be more innovative. If you want to be successful in network marketing, then it's important that you know how to best motivate your distributors. The best way to do this is by showing them their achievements on a daily basis. Make your distributors feel valued and that they are part of the family they will then be aiming for better results. To manage teams’ emotional intelligence, create self-awareness and self-regulation practices. Improve their social skills and encourage each member to open up with their opinions and ideas. As a distributor, you need to be able to find value in your network marketing business thus enhancing the engagement for success of your direct selling business.




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