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For all you Spiritual Entrepreneurs out there here are three secret steps to financial freedom online using the law of abundance. Use these steps in your business to help you in your quest for financial freedom online in 2012.


Step 1) Understanding the Spiritual Law of Abundance

The Law of Abundance simply states that the Universe is a naturally abundant place and there is enough to go around for everyone. It also states that in order to receive your share of abundance you must be in alignment with the spiritual essence of money.

That is what comes around goes around. In other words what you give out to the Universe come back to yoou tenfold. Always remember this when working your online business and be willing to help people and give your time freely to help others succeed. Put others needs before your own and you will reap the  rewards as a result.


2) Use the Law of Attraction to attract abundance into your life through your online business. This is sure to help you to create financial freedom online. The Law of Attraction states that whatever you think about or focus your attention on the most will manifest itself into your physical reality. So start focusing all of your energy and thoughts on success and that is exactly what you will receive.



3) Applying this to your Online business
Here are three powerful methods you can start using today to help you apply the spiritual law of abundance into your online business to attract financial freedom in 2012.


a) Visualizations


Visualize the events you wish to see happening in your life and they will become a reality. Be sure to feel the events as if they are occurring in the present moment, pretend as if they are happening right now and have an inner knowing that they will manifest in your life.

You can use vision boards to help you with this. For example hang up pictures of your goals or things you would like to buy with your money. You can also hang up a pretend cheque with the amount of money you would like to earn every month with your online business. These are all very powerful techniques in helping you become aligned with the spiritual law of abundance.

b) Positive Affirmations

Another great way to attract success into your business is to use Positive Affirmations. Say your affirmations with great intent and belief. Always say them in the positive tense. Here are some great ones to get you started:


I am overflowing with wealth and abundance

My online business is super successful.

I am attracting an abundance of highly qualified people to my business everyday in everyway.

I am becoming wealthier and wealthier everyday in everyway.


c) Gratitude


Finally having an attitude of gratitude is a very powerful way to manifest abundance into your online business. Keep a journal and write all of the things you are thankful for into it daily. As well as that write down the things you wish to attract into your life in the future and thank the universe now for them as if they have already been granted. This is a highly effective way to help you attract financial freedom online in 2012.

There you have three simple steps to financial freedom that will help you on your way to success in 2012. Always remember that these exercises need to be done in unison with persistent and consistent marketing efforts in order to begin making money with your online business. That way you will ensure that you are connecting with an abundance of the right kind of people you need to help you build your business successfully in 2012


To Your Success,

Barbara Harnsberger

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