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 Online marketing is now the most effective means of earning easy income as long as you know how to do it best. Many people are making this their lifetime career already. In some cases, old jobs are given up to focus more on their online business.

How fast they can get into this business is the same as how fast they can fail. Even though there are a lot of successful marketers, there are also a lot of those who have failed even before they can get any farther.  
In the Internet business, there are some specific areas that can cripple or destroy your fledgling business. Here are some of the factors that can make you fail in your internet marketing, and in live, as fast as possible. 
1. No clear-cut plan. 
As with any kind of business, with no definite and clear plan, you will be like a wandered drifting off to an unknown course. You will get lost easily because there is no direction for you to follow. 
So from the time you started, you should know what to want accomplished. You would want to be certain that all your marketing efforts are in order. And that your products or services serve the one purpose you have planned from the beginning. 
A good plan includes having a website that offers valuable contents and not purely promotional stuff; a clearly outlined niche market; tools to track how well or how bad you are going; and other related things that your business needs. 
2. Unprofessional website.
Make it easy for your visitors to come and go to and from your site by making navigation easy. When people do not quickly find what they are searching for, they go away. 
A good-looking site does not necessarily it gets more visitors. Most of the time, the use of flashy graphics and animations takes too long to load. Visitors do not have all the time in the world to wait for these things to unfold before they can get on their search. 
Put yourself in your visitors’ shoes and decide if you like how your site is working. If you are unsatisfied, so will be other people.  
3. Bad promotions. 
You may be under the misconception that once your site is built then the visitors will just keep coming. On the contrary, it takes more than building your site to get visitors. 
Let people know that you exist. Let them know that you have you the solution to their problems. That you have a way of solving things that they want solved.
Think about search engines. Is your site among those that rank well in them? The keywords you are using should be what people are clicking into. Do your research on what your target market are asking about and what it is they need when they find answers online.
Do not forget to always include your link in your online campaigns. Make it visible enough so people will see them easily and click on them for more details.
It is important that you have offline resources to help you. Keep in mind that there are still others out there with no Internet at their disposal. And what about those who do but have not stumbled into yours yet. Try to support your online marketing with offline resources. They still work, you know. 
4. No follow-up.
Emailing customers and potential clients once and forget about it is a definite no-no. It will take more than one attempt to close a sale. Do not forget your customers so they will also not forget about you. 
You can either have an auto responder or a customer service assistant do this for you. Be visible and available enough so your consumers will not think you are non-existent anymore. 
5. No reason for visitors to come back. 
A sale is not made the first time visitors come into a site. That is why you need to give people a reason to visit you again. 
Offer them valuable content and update them regularly. Make them feel that they are getting more when they visit you. Freebies are a good reason for them to come back. 
Choose one of these things and you are guaranteed of failing the soonest time possible in your online marketing life.
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