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Kristijan Spariosu Why do you need to invest in SkyWay?
1. Profitable allocation of funds.
You purchase pre-IPO equity shares from the –°ompany at large discount of their face value, and when the Company enters the global market, you will obtain capitalization from 100, 500, 1000% or more.
2. Lifelong dividends....more
From each project implemented globally by the Company, you will get a profit corresponding to your number of shares.
3. Co-ownership of the world Corporation.
By acquiring the Company's Pre IPO shares, you become a joint owner of the largest world transport Corporation.
4. Intellectual property.
The SkyWay Group of –°ompanies owns the exclusive right to the technology of SkyWay transport. According to independent experts, the cost of the technology is USD 400,000,000,000.
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