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Posted: Fri 4 January 2013 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]

What a great start to 2013 - Are you Excited Yet?


Have you found your focus ?


Congratulations are in order to you and to all of us.


Congratulations to Scott Foreman-Orr who submitted his scholarship last night after I spoke to him about the Fast Start Training we had last night.

Ms. Laurie Rubidge delivered the most generous offer that I have seen any company make. Mr. Mark Christensen and she were up very late last night I am sure helping people get started and welcoming them into the Our GV family.

Today its your turn.

Take 30-45 minutes our of your busy schedule of which I respect, and if there is anything, anything at all that moves you in this 32 minute presentation by our CEO . Call me.

New Year | New Momentum | New Passionate Team

Scott is a very passionate man who is exceptionally talented in the arts . Has a passion for raw food living and alkaline water benefits. He wants to be able to spend some time at a retreat in Cali to study to be a light worker in that field under a world renowned Doctor.

I have watch Scott for a long time. When I was graduating High School at H. B. Plant in Tampa in 1979 he was a freshman. I told him that I probably sold him certs and pencils as I was the manager of the school store during the lunches and then went to work full time after school in the automotive and petroleum industry.

Facebook reconnected us a few years ago. I have watched this young man and am excited to have him as part of my growing team. I told him last night. " Scott, I will not hurt you man" . You see I know that is a major stumbling block for many people who just cant put their finger on what it is that is stopping them from moving forward.

It was for me for many years. A mentor of mine Diane Hochman told me on a public webinar and I will never forget it. She said " Tim your problem is that you think you are going to hurt someone" she was absolutely correct.

It took me two more years of working on myself and learning to let people just be who they will be, love them, be there for them and kick their butts when they need it as long as they will allow it and not get all reactive.  Thank you Lady Diane. You are a true mentor to mentors. I am truly grateful for your friendship and support through some real tough times.

Welcome Scott and give him a few words of advice so he can be protected from the challenges that will lie before him. They are so worth it tho. The journey is worth it. The friendships are worth it, the price we pay every moment we are present and listening to others instead of leaning into them is worth it.  I am excited for you Scott and well as my sister Nancy who also submitted her scholarship for promotion to Coordinator.


Make it a great day.


Tim Hill