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There is no doubt that the Health and Fitness Industry is BOOMING! Even Though the "Failure Rate" is 98%!

Most people are searching desperately to regain Health and Fitness and searching for an Income Opportunity as well.

But why the 98% Failure Rate?

Here's why the Opportunity to Earn Residual Income has such a HIGH failure rate.

Almost every Health and Fitness Opportunity is doomed for everyday people such as yourself. Why? These programs are designed by Marketers, not Fitness Experts. They have a product that may work for some, but not for the average person. It's NOT GOING TO CREATE ANY RESIDUAL INCOME because the Product itself is not "doable".

NOW, It's Time for a Change

Our Opportunity with the 7 Minute Workout was created by Marketing Pro Joel Therien, who has 12 years of Internet Marketing Success with goGVO Hosting and GVO Conference. He is also a Fitness Expert and Personal Fitness Coach, having University Degrees in Cardio Rehabilitation.

Joel Therien along with World Champion TaeKwonDo Competitor and Martial Arts Instructor, Chris Reid, have joined together to design a Fitness Program that will appeal to anyone, regardless of age, gender or personal health challenges.

The 7 Minute Workout is "doable". All you have to do is follow the Exercises (which you will love) and when people ask, "WoW, how did you lose all that weight. You look GREAT!". Then you can tell them about the 7 Minute Workout. You have proven to them that the Program Works

Here Is The Opportunity to Become Fit and get in the "Best Shape of your Life"

Every Fitness Program comes with the mistaken concept that if you work out for 2 hours, 90 minutes or 1 hour every day for 6 days a week you will get results. We all know that THAT just doesn't work.

All these Fitness Programs are boring, time-consuming and expensive. Who wants to run on a Treadmill for an hour, do repetitive sets of exercises, run or jog for miles, and/or pay for an expensive Gym Membership? Not me, nor anyone else I know.

What If:

You did not have to do ANY of these boring exercises ever again?

You could work out AT HOME for only 7 Minutes A Day, 3 times a week?


You're probably thinking, "That won't work. It takes hours of exercise every day to get in shape".

"Not So", says Fitness Expert Joel Therien. "I have been training using this EXACT EXERCISE PROGRAM for over 20 years. I was a Professional Body Builder for a lot of those years, and this is how I trained and still do today to keep myself in shape."

Over 500 people of all ages, even people who have Health Challenges, joined our Beta Testing Program. AND, they are ecstatic with their results.

What's the Catch?

Will I have to buy "Expensive Food Packages" or go on an impossible DIET?


Learn Two things:

1. Fiber is your friend

2. High Quality Protein Builds Muscle and Burns Fat

Will I have to go to Meetings or hire a Personal Trainer?


All the exercise programs are tailored to YOU, your lifestyle, your age, and any Health Challenges

Your exercises are in video format, performed by Certified Personal Trainers, Joel Therien and Chris Reid

We have a HUGE Community of members who are working with you, will encourage you, and answer your questions

So, What Are You Waiting For?

It's time to become a Success in the Health and Fitness Industry.

Go to 7 Minute Workout to find out more about this Home Based Health and Fitness Opportunity.

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