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Here is the problem we all face in network marketing.


Our warm market doesn’t want anything to do with our business and our
cold market doesn’t know or want anything to do with us.


Pretty tough situation to find success in wouldn’t you say?


Well it’s something that can be overcome.


But let’s take a closer look at it first.


In order to overcome this issue we have to do one of two things.


1. Grow our warm market until we find a few people that we haven’t hit over the
head with our less than successful efforts and get them excited enough in
our new business to get started.


2. Somehow have our cold market get to know us enough to want to do business
with us.


Well I’m going to share with you a little secret that I’ve used that’s
worked like gang busters to solve this problem.

I’m going to show you how to turn your cold market warm.

And the truth is, this little secret principle to success has been under your
nose all along, you probably just didn’t know it.


So let me ask you a question . . .


What’s the difference between your warm market and your cold market?


Simple right?


Your warm market knows you and your cold market doesn’t.

Well to the next question . . .

Why does your warm market know you so well?

The answer to this is very simple as well . . .

You interact with your warm market all the time.


For instance, you probably speak to your family and friend at least on a weekly
basis and share ideas and stories about what’s going in their life and yours.

You interact a lot.


On the flip side …


Your cold market, you know, those red hot leads you buy and call …

You probably only interact with once.

You make a cold call or send out one promo email for your business and you
wait to see how they react.

You wanna see whether they join your business or give you a call or something
like that.


Well there’s a problem with this.

They don’t know you, so why would they leap out of their seats to pick up the
phone to get in touch with you because you sent them an email.


Now …


If you sent your best friend an email that said “Hey give me a call later
today” don’t you think there would be a pretty good chance that they would?

The reason is you have a relationship with your friend where you don’t with
your cold market.


So here’s how to solve our little marketing conundrum.

You have to turn your cold market warm to get them to respond.


How do you do this?


The same way you do with your friends and family.

Just stay in contact with them on a regular and consistent basis.

Over time, many of those in your cold market will become your closest friends
if you treat them like friends.


In your marketing efforts, if you want to get the best results focus on staying
in contact with your cold market consistently and over time you’ll find
you have a world full of friends ready to join you in your cause.

If you remember one thing from this:


***In marketing frequency outperforms reach every time.***


Communicate more frequently with your contacts and over time you’ll find
you’ll have more success in your business than you thought possible.


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