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Andrew Merry Christ­mas you lot.­ Have the mo­st wonderful­ time, and 2­012........ ­well you...
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Merry Christ­mas you lot.­ Have the mo­st wonderful­ time, and 2­012........ ­well you...
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MLM Distributor
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Birthday: (48 years old)
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I am an MLM Distributor
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61 433 151 790
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61 433 151 790
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Established Business (1-3 years)
My Expertise:
Staying for the rewards that only time and experience can deliver. I like to deliver a full service to my clients. As I have progressed on my journey there have been a couple of businesses that I have felt complimented each other. Like, just because a person wants to make huge profits does not mean they will look after their health and nutrition needs, and know how to market themselves with accuracy, or even find a simple system simple. My purpose is to get people wealthy, healthy and streetwise.
Personal Information
About Me:
Hi There.
I was born in New Zealand and both of my parents were school teachers. We lived in about 6 different places until I was 9. We moved to Australia in 1980 and after a brief stop in Darwin spent the next few years on an Aboriginal community off the coast of the Northern Territory called Milingimbi. The experience of life was rich to say the least, school was Via correspondence at Katherine School of the Air on the shortwave radio. From there it was off to Nhulunbuy, a mining town on the remote north western corner of Arnhem Land the large Aboriginal Reserve in the N.T. A few years there & another move I was now 16 and living on the Gold Coast, Queensland. My parents had split Mum had to return to the N.T. as this was the only place that she could find well paid work, Dad was living on Thursday Island so I was living with my sister who is a year older than me and I finished off the minimum education, Year 10 in Australia and started working for a living. Road works, Boat Building, Concreting and then 10 years as a Chef. That lot took me all over the countryside and I experienced many facets of life, people, places & relationships. In 2001 I started a Lawn mowing and gardening business of my own until is 2003 a long overdue heart surgery appointment pulled me up for a bit. Trading shares was next on the list followed by options. Indeed a fantastic way to put money in the bank, so long as you can handle the losses as well, volatile or what! A year off to Build my house as an owner builder, some currency trading with about the same amount of wins as losses again.
So in February 2009 I got into Network Marketing because people, to me made the greatest sense with whom to make money. Not machines, money markets or back breaking work. Yes I have done a lot, been to many places walked into to many rooms time and time again and had to introduce myself over again. Now I am 38, the fittest I have ever been in my life, I don’t go to the gym I eat organic food and life on 5 acres and that gives me a healthy life.

Network marketing; personal income generation at the responsibility of the self does provide a platform for individuals endowed with a passion for expected results to excel.
This is true self discovery. inspire yourself !

Activities and Interests:
Organic Products, Organic Gardening, Driving my Subaru WRX, Meditating, Playing my Guitar, Making Money from my House, Discovering new Horizons, Awesome, Conversation, Universal theory, Animals,
Favorite MLM Trainers/Speakers/Instructors:
Earl Nightingale.
Favorite Quotations:
‎"I'm here because I want people to feel free, I want them to strive for their own freedom. In this marathon I struggled, I struggled with myself, I struggled with my own pain but I made it to the finish line. I want to motivate other people to also find the courage & strength to transcend their own pain." ~ Edison Pena.

"Most people on the planet focus their income goal at between Zero and One hundred thousand dollars. They work, they study and they learn just to compete for the bottom end of the market. Go to the newspaper or your Job agency’s desk and ask to be pointed in the right direction to earn a million bucks a year!" ~Shane Krider.

"There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the inter-spaces of the universe." Wallace D. Wattles.
Favorite TV Shows:
No kidding, I have not watched T.V. for 7 years. I don't even have an aerial on my house, a satellite or a cable connection. Just the phone line and ADSL2 broadband.