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MaxWLX - Breakthrough in Weight Loss
Created: 10 year(s) ago
Max WLX - Max Weight Loss Accelerator

A Scientific Breakthrough
In Weight Loss...

Max WLX helps break the vicious
"fat gain" cycle

In 1994, scientists discovered communication between fat cells and your brain. A messaging hormone called leptin that is manufactured by every fat cell in your body tells your brain when you've had enough to eat. It also serves as a sort of "on-off switch" for fat cells- a switch that determines whether cells will store fat or burn fat.

But for this switch to work, your brain has to clearly hear leptin's message. When your body is sensitive and listens to the leptin message, it is easily satisfied with food. But this message can be drowned out as a result of overeating.

Because Max WLX lowers leptin levels, it will help your body regain its sensitivity to the appetite message while allowing leptin to dial up your metabolism.

And help yourself break the vicious
"fat gain" cycle

Imagine finally working with your body rather than against it. Max WLX helps your body utilize the powerful, leptin mechanism for weight loss you can achieve and maintain!

(WLX) 8 Week Clinical Trial
Showed Over 20 Pounds Of Fat Loss In 2 Months!
Participants at the University of Connecticut Clinical Trial:
Lost 21.5 pounds of body fat in 8 weeks
Lost 3.96 inches off their waist
Lost 3.28 inches off their hips
Lost 1.2 inches off each thigh
Had a 90 percent greater fat loss than the diet and exercise alone group!

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