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Max N-FUZE - High Tech Vitamins Supplement using the NANO Technology
Created: 10 year(s) ago
Max N-Fuze

Delivers vitamins, minerals and herbal ingredients to support optimal cell function, cellular communication and cellular defense mechanisms*

Provides needed nutrients to further support glutathione (GSH) production*

Delivers targeted nutrients needed to support leptin sensitivity*

Contains D-ribose and CoQ10 to support ATP (energy) production and function*

Supports the production and function of superoxide dismutase (SOD) and catalase, two vital antioxidants produced by the body to fight the potent free radical superoxide.*

Utilizes patent-pending nanotechnology designed to maximize absorption*

Obtaining the nutrients your body needs for optimal performance is an increasingly difficult challenge. Soils are depleted of vital trace elements; factory farming practices and overprocessing further reduce the nutrients available from food. Vitamin and mineral supplements have long been the solution but they are not always absorbed. If you feel like half of your 'cylinders' are not firing, help is on the way! Max N-Fuze is all about effectively delivering the nutrients you need.

Breakthrough Absorption Technology

Decades ago, simply taking dietary supplements was accepted as a novel way to give your body what it needs.

Due to the advances of science, we now know that just because you take a dietary supplement does not mean that your cells are efficiently absorbing the nutrients.

Consequently, there has been a long-standing quest to discover a legitimate breakthrough technology that would allow efficient and maximum cellular absorption of nutrient-sized particles.

Max N-Fuze uses a patent-pending nanotechnology to efficiently deliver targeted nutrients that are capable of readily being absorbed and utilized by the cell. This breakthrough technology consists of enveloping nano-sized nutrients in a highly purified water cluster and efficiently delivering the nano-sized particle to the cell.

Max N-Fuze was subjected to vigorous safety testing at Clemson University. Additionally, Max International is a member of the Institute of Nutraceutical Research (INR). The INR is a leading research group that consolidates the intellectual and physical resources of the faculty at Clemson University and links these resources to South Carolina Nutrition Research Consortium (SCNRC) involving the South Carolina Research Authority, the University of South Carolina and the Medical University of SC in a unique partnership.