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Last chance for being Founding Father member...
Created: 10 year(s) ago
This is Dominique...

I just wanted to give you a quick update on whats going on
with MyMoneyFish...

With the new server installed that can handle the overload
of heavy traffic and new members joining by the second,
we are now finalizing the solving of the issues presented
the old server and/or human errors in the process of

When you join and pay $9.95 once during Pre-Launch AND
before Thursday: Dec 31, 2009 you will get to be part of
Founding Fathers' Elite Group. This will give you the
added bonus of having 10,000 hot prospects contacted by
company's marketing team FOR YOU after Launching! FRE.E of

Your Benefits as a FoundingFather You will get the
added bonuses of having 10,000 hot prospects contacted FOR
by the company's marketing team AND a permanent position in
exclusive Founding Fathers' Randomizer, as well, totally
FRE.E of

Last but not least, as a Founding Father member, you will
enjoying special privileges limited just to you as well.
Like being
placed in our exclusive Founding Fathers' Randomizer FOR
and TOTALLY FRE.E OF CHARGE where the company will have 24/7
promotions running every day once it officially Launches,
like 50,000 - 100,000 hot prospects contacted daily through
state-of-the-art marketing system, online and offline
advertising, etc.

You are also about to discover the highly guarded secrets
the millionaires through our Power Packed Package; 3,000+
of the Hottest money makin.g secrets ever produced.
(enormous collection of products, scripts, ebooks and
marketing Tools).
Each item comes with full Master Resell Rights. Some even
come with Private Label Rights.

Our Power Packed Package includes everything you'd ever
need to gain financial freedo.m, forever. It will easily
guide you
to take your business, and your life, to the next highest
and basically write your ticket to a super rich life!

BUT you must join before Thursday: Dec 31, 2009 to receive
extra special bonuses!

This will help you build a downline very quickly (people
love to join during Pre-Launch and take advantage of all its
benefits) and by the time the program officially Launches,
the second week of January (exact date to be announced)

This will give you yet another enormous chance to get more
more sales done on your behalf, on automatic, without you
lifted a finger! Zero work on your part, just cashing in on
the efforts of the company's FRE.E promotion and on the
efforts of others that will be placed in your line.

The sooner you shift into a proven money makin.g model like
My Money Fish to create passive income, the sooner you can
achieve personal and financial freedo.m.

Be part of this super acceleration Forced matrix payout
plan, that generates you a residual monthly income of as
much as $2,000 to $20,000+ and for only a one time effort,
is indeed an wonderful opportunit.y.

If you have questions feel FRE.E to contact me.

See you at the Top,

Dominique Belley