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Global eWallet and income opportunity, $29 only once off.
Created: 9 year(s) ago is now live!

For those of you that are interested in the international eWallet and it's money transfer capabilities please go to
Our wire or swift feature can send funds in $10,000 lots, member to member transfers are a flat $1 and you can link up to 8 bank accounts to the eWallet, it does not matter what country they are in.
Should you wish you can order a VISA debit card linked to the ewallet, this can be upgraded to gold or platinum for larger monthly limits.
It has tremendous business potential and is quicker and cheaper than traditional banking methods. Access is via internet or mobile phone. The eWallet platform is also in Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Slovakian and Russian.
Additional features of the eWallet and rates are on the site.

Our Prism Profile report has also been upgraded and carrys a +\-$23 value, more details on the 4D self assessment report can be viewed on the site.

To help market the eWallet and our product range we have attached a generous income plan, so by referring people that are looking for an international payment system you could earn an additional income.

All this for a one time joining fee of $29!

Don't forget 10% of all matrix payments are donated to charity. We have linked up with for our launch, watch as we sponsor a village in India and supply the residents with a solar light / mobile charger, water purifier, mosquito net and cleaning products.
Should you wish you can send additional funds to Boond via the ewallet platform.

In the New Year we will be adding additional products and functionality to the site, so by joining now I hope you will be part of our grow platform offering you super products and value for money for years to come.

Warmest regards
Leonard Gibson