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There's now doubt that with the advancement of higher tech, faster web and online presence, one of the best ways to build your network marketing business is by using E-mail marketing.

In this short article I will explain why E-mail marketing is so effective in the Internet marketing industry these days.

  • E-mail marketing is one of the fastest ways to leverage on the Internet. Because all you do is compose an E-mail, customize it to suit the reader (their first name or last name), and click the broadcast button to reach thousands of people instantly!

  • E-mail marketing is highly scalable. Unlike an ‘offline’ business where the more customers you have, the busier you are, in E-mail marketing, it is much easier because regardless of the size of your mailing list, whether it is 100 or 10,000, all you need to do is click broadcast and everyone on the list gets notified – all for the same effort!

  • E-mail marketing is highly targeted. One of the reasons why E-mail marketing is highly effective at getting sales is because the recipient of the E-mail gets a kind of ‘in your face’ promotion. 

  • You are marketing directly to the customer through their PERSONAL mailbox. Not only will you grab their attention firmly, they will tend to respond with the right buyers mindset because they are marketed to directly (unlike other advertising where the buyer might not be in the frame of mind to buy things).

  • E-mail marketing is personal. Autoresponders allow you to customize the E-mail in such a way that it allows you to connect with the subscriber individually. The more personalized your E-mail, the better the result (treat it as though you are writing to your best friend).

  • You can automate many tasks with your autoresponder. For every new opt-in subscriber, you can time your E-mails for you build a relationship with every new opt-in subscriber – what to send to them, when to send it to them and the frequency between each E-mail.

  • E-mail marketing acts as a good pre-sell. You might not be able to cram a sales letter into your E-mail, but at least you can pre-sell your subscriber and lead them to your blog, sales letter or website to check out what you have to offer and set them in the right frame of mind before they evaluate what you have to offer. 

In spite what you might hear from other marketers, no matter what your industry is, if you are not using email marketing to build a stronger credibility and increase your prospect’s response to your network marketing opportunity with relative ease... you are simply leaving tons of $$$ on the table. Do not ignore email marketing...

My name is Bruno Duarte and it is my pleasure to help you succeed as a network marketer. 

I am looking for business partners who are sincerely interested in learning how to succeed and who want to build a lifetime income with my help. You're about to discover how to generate a monthly residual income in a much faster way online!

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 A very important reason why you should look at network marketing seriously right now – and why most people are taking network marketing up – is because it is something that you can do from your own home, being your boss. You are the pioneer of your network and you are its leader.


The convenience of being able to run a network through the comforts of your home are unparalleled, especially in the current scenario where commuting is fast becoming the worst nightmare.


People are starting with network marketing from their home with just a desktop and a little place from where they can work. That is all you need actually because everything else is virtual. Your network is manageable through the Internet and your main office is your MLM website.


Today, most MLM opportunities are allowing people to have their own websites anyway. You have to promote these websites to get your traffic come to you. Now, that is something you do exclusively through the Internet.


There is also the added security factor. When you are working from home, you are in a much secure environment where you are happy to work in. You don’t have to go outside and work under the thumbs of other people. That proves to be a very great incentive for the people today.


Gone are the days when you needed to have seminars and workshops and other physical meetings to keep your network opportunities running. You don’t even need to have meetings with your prospects nowadays.


Everything can be managed over the Internet.


All you need to have is to know the right techniques, which again aren’t quite as much difficult. Once you know the ropes, you will find that network marketing is the greatest business opportunity there is, which you can do without needing to leave your home comforts. 


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Bruno Duarte

Web Entrepreneur Helping People to Make Money Online & Expanding Our Team Globally at:

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Network marketing is the process of earning residual income through the products and its referral system. This is occasionally called multilevel marketing. Usually, you needed to sign-up, perhaps pay some registration fee, and proceed with both buying their products and recruiting other individuals. From this point of view, it seems all too easy. (If you are like me and been online long enough, you know, that is not always entirely the case.... ;) )


Network marketing can be tricky. A lot of people are aware that they could be scammed or could be webbed into something they could not get out of. But of course, this all depends on the legitimacy of your network marketing business. Provided that your business is 100% permitted, then here are various tips to do network marketing in a very simple way.

1. Think Positive. Your outlook will all determine it. Imagine of all those revenue that you can earn. Remember, the hardest customers you will encounter are the first ones. So don't give up. If you can handle to get your first two referrals or recruits, the rest will follow as easy as pie.

2. Focus on the advantage. Yes, it could happen that your friends and family will listen closely to your sales pitch but will put you off eventually. They always appear to say no, although nicely. Well, you need not push them. But if you emphasize what they could be missing if they don't sign-up, the tables might turn. You might get a lot of down lines than you could ever hope for.

3. Use the web. Networking is simple if you can reach out to a lot of people. Produce a website. Begin forums and threads. Tell everyone you come across the internet about the great opportunity. The law of averages applies. The more persons you talk to, the more persons you may persuade.

4. Select your market. If your network marketing business has a certain product, let's say bath soaps, you will appeal more to women than men. You will save a lot of pains and energy if you pre-select your candidates than just barking on every tree you encounter. Pre-qualify, but be cautious not to overdo it.

5. Be Educated. You have to demonstrate your customers your trust in your product and the business. You have to totally grasp all its bits and pieces. This way, you can explain the process entirely in one run. If you know a lot around your products, more individuals will believe in you.

6. Have First-hand Experience. It would be simple to sell if you, yourself, have proven that the structure works. You can show your prospects your own earnings, paychecks, and collectibles. Show them how effective it is with you. If it has worked for you, chances are, it will work for them too.

7. Give Referrals. A network marketing business occasionally is being solely based on the company's and your personality and character as its marketer. This is remarkably true if there is a demand for an primary investment. Show them it is legal. Show them you are trustworthy. You needed to do that to get into them.

8. Demonstrate the Company's Financial Capabilities. If they wanted to earn big, they intend to get it. Individuals should feel that they won't get turned away when the show up and collect their income. If they can see the company's financial backing beforehand, then they won't have doubts about their income being held or not given on time.

9. Be of Full Support. Individuals who are getting second thoughts about all of these would require additional direction and assistance. Be certain to spot individuals who are just buying time because they can't make up their minds on the spot. Help them decide. Be present to their needs. Address their apprehensions. Summon all your convincing ability

10. Use Every Online Tool Accessible. The web has different avenues and tools you can use freely. Build your own blog. Advertise with different websites. Join affiliates program. There are so numerous useful things online that you can take advantage of.


Network marketing is a concept which can make you earn residual income quite easily. Although it becomes easy just when your first line of referrals are all doing as well. But past that, network marketing is sure to give you riches, especially if done the proper way.


Yours in success,

Bruno Duarte

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I want to start with simple statement that I have always told myself that I will never fall for Multi Level Marketing or as its called most often MLM.

I have always believed that most MLM business opportunities are nothing more than glorified pyramid scheme brought online. So what changed my mind? How did I, a self taught Internet Infopreneur got sucked into it? Read on to learn how, why, get the skinny on the latest hottest MLM opportunity and see my real day-by-day experience.

So, lets start with why. I run a website dedicated to affiliate marketing and home based business. I investigate and share my experiences with anyone willing to read my articles and make recommendations on what I consider a solid opportunity. I make my money through my own website and on multiple affiliate sales I get, when people do follow my recommendations. In last two month I have gotten at least 10 emails from my visitors asking me about different programs and my personal opinion.


Since I have only had experienced myself only with TrafficWave and MLM Recruit On Demand, a known Autoresponder with a cool affiliate program I could only answer based on that, which wasnt enough... So here I was. I have picked the hottest system I could find currently running and one of the youngest with low membership fees. This review is dedicated to my readers and hopefully my experience will help you make your decision.



1) Weekly Fast Track Bonuses

Get Paid Weekly

Each time you refer a NEW Active Customer to the AutoResponder service, you will be paid 100% of the new sales revenue as a Fast Track Bonus.


Our Weekly Fast Track Bonus plan encourages new sales growth. Fast Track Bonuses are paid weekly and there is no limit to the number of Fast Track Bonuses you can earn each week.


To track Monthly Recurring Sales in your organization, uses a 3x10 Matrix structure. This means you can have 3 sales in your first level, 9 sales on your second level, 27 sales on your third level, and so on through ten full levels:

As you and your Customers continue to renew each month, you will earn Monthly Residual Commissions.


2) Monthly Residual Commissions

SURFER: To qualify for Monthly Residual Commissions at the Surfer level, you must have at least one personally referred Active sale. You will then be paid through 3 levels of your organization.

3) Leadership Bonus

For Leaders Only

Active Affiliates who have achieved the status of TidalWave or Tsunami can qualify to earn Leadership Bonuses each month.


4) Guaranteed Traffic Commissions

TrafficWave Affiliates are paid a 10% commission on each sale of Guaranteed Visitors. These sales are paid each month with the Monthly Regular Commissions. There is no limit to the amount of Guaranteed Traffic Commissions an Affiliate can earn.


Check the entire compensation plan by clicking here

It was designed to be used by anyone, with no marketing experience and no prior technical knowledge and recruiting is a lot easier than I thought was possible, since, anyone who wants to be a successful marketer needs an autoresponder, so why not using one that actually pays you and gives you the opportunity to build a realistic full time income online.


I have joined this system and paid one 17.95 a month...( and still do) while doing evaluation of multiple MLM programs with a good, reliable team that would help me develop a good online business and automate the efforts.

As soon as I did I started receiving emails from TrafficWave with members who had joined under me.

And they just kept on pouring in. Before I knew it I had 87 pre-enrolled members (in the first month), all interested to learn how to make money, all with an open mindset and just waiting for a push to be converted. And believe you me, emails with subjects like I shown above was powerful push even for a skeptic like me...


Day 1-3.
All we are left with is my personal experience. I have had accounts already with several traffic exchange programs that require members to click on your add and actually look at page, not to mention safelists and other free advertising sources. I have found them quite effective for building my mailing lists, so I figured I would just add my link from TrafficWave Success Team to rotation and see what it brings. Nice day of work, if I can say so myself.

Day two went pretty much on autopilot, due to my preoccupation with regularly scheduled job and I only had an opportunity to check my stats on third day. To my surprise I had over 530 views of my signup page and one paying member! Not bad, not bad at all.

To do a quick summary, I dont know if you can become filthy rich (but definitely possive to make a full time income with enough effort and engagement, after all, its a business and should be treated like one) using this system or not but looking at monthly leaderboard I can see people with over 414 paying members enrolled, including my team leader securing a 7th place as a top seller on TrafficWave and that is for one month. (he´s been on top for several months in a row, so this helps you to build your business while building your own list.

So what I will do is continue to use this Autoresponder to build my list and enjoy the earnings as they come and post updates on my regular site, so feel free to visit and read them if you liked this article or just want to learn more from a person who is doing it and honestly sharing. No hype, no fuss, just an honest opinion.



Thanks for reading this post,

Bruno Duarte


Instant Commission List


Make Passive Income Online In Just Days...


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Make Money with Writing, Blogging, and eBay

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I'm going to show you three quick and simple ways to make income online, by working as much or as little as you want, from anywhere in the world, whenever you choose.

Freelance Writing

Online freelance writing jobs are plentiful, if you know where to look and can distinguish the legitimate opportunities from the potential scams.

Most people don't have a clue about the wide variety of writing opportunities available to them all over the Internet. These include writing simple articles, press releases, and even complete e-books.

Some clients pay upfront for your material, offering a certain amount per word or per assignment. Others will pay you per the hour for other writing and publishing related tasks such as proof-reading and editing web content.

Freelance writing networks such as "The Freelance Writing Jobs Network" are a great place to start looking for writing jobs and advice. And then there are what I call "freelance matchmaking" sites or "job boards" like and

On these sites, almost every day, thousands of businesses post various types of writing projects, gigs and requests. If you get aggressive in applying for these open spots, then there's a virtually unlimited supply of writing opportunities that can make you money relatively quickly.

When starting, reply to as many project requests as possible, offer to work at a reasonable rate (but not dirt cheap), and be quick and responsive.

Landing that first gig is always the hardest step, but once you've built up a portfolio and some clientele, you'll get more and more consistent work.

The key to making money with freelance writing is to quickly produce as many quality pieces as you can for your portfolio, and then use job boards and social networking strategies to promote your writing. The more traffic you get to your online work, the more companies you'll have approaching you to write for them.

Here are some additional tips when setting up your portfolio:

1. Set up a professional web page with your resume, contact information, and some writing samples.

2. Establish yourself as a reputable, talented freelance writer by submitting only your best quality work to potential clients.

3. Network with other busy writers who may be able to send extra work your way. Participate in writers forums by writing useful comments and including links to your website and online work.

Making Money with eBay

If writing is not your thing, then hop on over to and you can start selling almost anything you can imagine within just minutes.

Imagine having access to 100 million cash-spending buyers. That's exactly the kind of gold mine that's waiting for you on eBay. It has over 100 million registered users, all of whom are out there shopping for great deals.

To become a successful eBay seller, first you must first figure out what to sell. You can sell your own items, check out trade shows in your local area, or search online directories like and to find hot products.

Here's how to get the most out of your ebay listings and auctions:

1. Create good titles and descriptions, and include quality photos of the items. Write descriptions that stand out, but do not make them obnoxious by using all capital letters or excessive punctuation. Also, be honest about any defects in the items you have for sale.

2. Consider starting your own eBay store for selling large quantities, since they have a longer run time than typical auctions. Participate in the eBay community and read the forums to stay involved.

3. Other ways to get traffic to your auctions and items for sale include creating an page on eBay and linking to your auctions from other sites. You also could register a domain name dedicated solely to promoting your own auctions.

Once you find a hot product, keep selling it, and then gradually find more and more products you can promote. Over time, your income will grow exponentially.

How to Make Money with Your Own Blog

Blogging is another easy way to make money online. The secret to profitable blogging is to focus on a particular that is, your area of expertise or a very specific subject that is popular in the search engines.

Here's how to get started blogging:

1. Like freelance writing, you should approach blogging with the intent to write unique, quality content. Offering useful information and establishing yourself as a trustworthy resource to your readers will quickly lead to lots of word-of-mouth traffic to your blog. Readers can tell if you do not know what you are talking about, so do your research and focus on producing quality content.

2. Starting a blog is as simple as getting a free account at,, or another blog hosting site. You can also pay for a domain name and hosting services if you want to personalize your blog even more. I suggest you start with the free options.

3. Once you have established your blog, then you can focus on monetizing it by incorporating relevant ads through advertising networks like Google AdSense or Chitika. Affiliate programs such as Amazon also are becoming increasingly popular ways to earn extra revenue. In addition, you could sell private ads or review products on your blog.

4. Promote your blog by utilizing social networking opportunities such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and blogging forums. If you're creative, then you'll find endless opportunities to promote your blog throughout these social communities.

Freelance writing, selling on eBay, and blogging are only three of the many ways to make money online. They might require an initial investment of time and effort, but you are likely to see some quick income and even huge profits in the long run if you follow these hints.

If You're Sick Of Being Beat Up Financially By Other Programs, And You're Ready To Finally Start Making Some Real Money... Take The Keys To Your Financial Feature Right Now!

Bruno Duarte
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I promise you that this is unlike anything you've seen before.
It doesn't involve any of the "normal" stuff people are doing:

=> No writing articles, blog posts or website content

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=> No search engine optimization or even creating any websites

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Now you may be wondering, how can you make money online if you
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solo ads, solo advertising, safeswaps, ad swaps, affiliate marketing, online marketing, make money online, work from home, home business, internet marketing

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Scams and Protection of Safe-Swaps

I’ve been in the Internet Marketing industry for a few years now. I knew that list building was important. My problem is that I could never find anyone that was promoting the same niches that I could trust. Everyone claims to be making thousands of dollars per month online, but most people are just lying through their teeth.

I know you have seen all of the wild claims out there. I got scammed just a few months ago. I decided to do an ad swap with one of the other guys in my niche. I had a list of over 4,000 people, and I wanted to share my list with a fellow marketer. I found a guy in my niche that had a list of over 214,500 people! We went through a few negotiations, and he agreed to promote my new dating website if I agreed to promote his dating website and pay him $773. He even showed me a screenshot of his Aweber account, so I thought I could trust this guy. I was so excited! I thought I was going to make a fortune!

I went ahead and sent out my email for his website. He picked up several new members. He sent out my website to his list. I only got three new members! I knew something was wrong, so I emailed the guy. Of course, he was long gone with my money, and I was out of $773!

This was a major loss to my business. I was so ticked off! At that point, I pretty much decided that I couldn’t trust anyone! I gave up on the ad swaps for a few months until my IM friend told me about Safe-Swap.

It looked promising…so I decided to try it for a month. You talk about great…this is the safest membership site I’ve ever seen. Everyone has membership profiles, so I know people aren’t telling me a bunch of BS when they say they have a huge list! I can tell if someone gets negative feedback, and I have already made several new connections for my niches. It is easy to use, and I feel protected now! I don’t know what I would do without !


Bruno Duarte

- Marketing Director @ Resource Sound - High Quality Production Music for Film, TV and General Media

- CEO @ Alternative Music Wire - Online Music News for Alternative, Metal, Industrial, Gothic, Dark Ambient, Experimental and more

- Music Composer and Producer @ I M M U N D U S - Ghost and Horror Ambient Music

- Owner & Audio Mastering Engineer @ Nightwork Studios

- Online Entrepreneur

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Automation of GetResponse and Aweber
internet marketing, email marketing, solo advertising, affiliate marketing, home business, make money online, work from home

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Automation of GetResponse and Aweber

I run a lot of email campaigns. Email campaigns have been one of the keys to my marketing business in the last few years. It is my main source of income in my online business. Every day, I go into my Aweber account and send out emails to my subscribers to generate new customers. It doesn’t matter when I do these orders…I still make money every single day!

One thing that does slow me down is copying and pasting the ads into Aweber and GetResponse. Sometimes these services don’t work all that fast. We all know that time is money, and it can become a major pain to copy and paste your ads all day. I have multiple lists that promote the same products, so I have the same emails going out to different lists on a regular basis. I have all of these emails saved in a Microsoft Word document, but it takes a lot of time to move these ads around all of the time.

Trying to schedule the different ads for the different email campaigns takes a lot of time too. You can spend all day just copying and pasting your emails from a word document into your email campaigns. I know I have lost sales because it takes forever to copy and paste all these email ads.

Fortunately, I came across recently, and this is saving me a ton of time! With this new system, I only have to save my ad one time in the membership site. Then I can assign the ad to run in different email campaigns on a regular basis. With all of the different email campaigns I have, this is saving me a ton of time! I’ve seen my income grow by 47% in the last two months because I have more time to get more campaigns sent out throughout the week. In addition, since I am in a network with other marketers, I can send out my ads to their lists too. has been a great investment for me because of the time I save. For serious email marketers, this investment in your business is a no-brainer!


Bruno Duarte,

- Marketing Director @ Resource Sound - High Quality Production Music for Film, TV and General Media

- CEO @ Alternative Music Wire - Online Music News for Alternative, Metal, Industrial, Gothic, Dark Ambient, Experimental and more

- Music Composer and Producer @ I M M U N D U S - Ghost and Horror Ambient Music

- Owner & Audio Mastering Engineer @ Nightwork Studios

- Online Entrepreneur
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How Much Time You Save with Safe-Swaps

My entire Internet marketing strategy is to send out emails on a weekly basis. I know I probably send out at least 35 emails a day. I own a portfolio of 85 different websites I am trying to manage on a weekly basis. Of those sites, 66 of those sites have email lists. As you can tell, I know a thing or two about email marketing!

As I have been growing the business, my time is growing shorter and shorter. I can’t seem to find enough time to schedule all of my different emails to go out to my lists. It was becoming a huge hassle trying to find time to schedule all of these different product launches. I was still making money, but I knew I was leaving a lot of money on the table by manually scheduling all of these product launches at different times. Trying to coordinate an ad swap with someone else was also very time consuming. You have to sit there and go back and forth through email with other people to figure out the best time to mail an ad.

Fortunately now that I have tried, I am saving a lot of time! When I go into my account now, I just look for other marketers who have an opening to run an ad for a specific date. I don’t have to spend days in communications with one marketer to figure out a date to run an ad. I just pick the date on my friend’s calendar and book the ad for that date! It only takes a few seconds to get everything setup. With this system, I can move onto other tasks or send out a lot more ads every day! I have doubled my income in just a few months from all of the time I saved!
For More about Safe-Swaps visit below:
Bruno Duarte
- Marketing Director @ Resource Sound - High Quality Production Music for Film, TV and General Media

- CEO @ Alternative Music Wire - Online Music News for Alternative, Metal, Industrial, Gothic, Dark Ambient, Experimental and more

- Music Composer and Producer @ I M M U N D U S - Ghost and Horror Ambient Music

- Owner & Audio Mastering Engineer @ Nightwork Studios

- Online Entrepreneur
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MyFunLIFE is a company dedicated to helping you have FUN and get more out of life.


By positioning you in the largest markets, capitalizing on the hottest trends, and utilizing the latest technology, they have created an unparalleled opportunity unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.


Beginning with Travel, they will offer the most exciting lifestyle related products to benefit you, your family, and the world.


The Perfect Timing:


- 2 Billion Mobile Apps Downloaded Each Month
- Travel is a 6 billion dollar per year industry.
- Tap into this now and get your share!




More About MyFunLife: 


My Fun Life Line of Products


My Fun Life line of products include ability to get your travel needs at a discounted rate, including the followings;
1.   Cha-Ching - where My Fun life members and  their friends can enjoy low prices and cash back on every booking that they make.
3.   Fun Condo – Get access to luxury times share resort worldwide, where My Fun Life states  members can get access to over 450,000 weeks at any given time for pennies on the dollar.
3.   Fun Trip – My Fun Life promises to use their buying power at Costco wholesale to book hotels, cruises for members at discounted rates.
In addition to the three mentioned benefits, you will also have the ability to participate in My Fun Life compensation plan and earn a passive monthly income.


My Fun Life Compensation Plan
My Fun Life is offering three different types of compensation plan: 3×10 Forced Company Matrix, Check Match and Coded Bonus.




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