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Helge I am ready t­o help 3 mor­e people mak­e their fort­une on the i­nternet. Inb­ox me and...
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Global Business Consulting and Networking , MONITIUM SUCCESS SYSTEM
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I am ready t­o help 3 mor­e people mak­e their fort­une on the i­nternet. Inb­ox me and...
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I am happily in a relationship with the super mother of our two boys. I live in Norway on the westcoast in a city called Bergen. The basepoint of the famouse fjords of Norway. I am basically a very active person and performer of various types of sports and activities. Practise among others mixed martial art 2 times a week. Also like to dive, both scuba diving and freediving without bottles. Has been very active in flight with paraglider and was for many years main instructor and was responsible for the training of new pilots. In overall I like all things that give me excitement and challenges. Family means a lot to me, and after I had children I like to spend as much time as possible with them, what I think is very important. Traveling is something I really like doing and I have been many places around the world, private as well as business trips. My view of life totally changed when i discovered the TRUE secrets to making money on the Internet. I love sharing the secret with my friends.
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I’m looking to CONNECT with people. Real connections. Not fake “Hi!” and “Bye!” I want to connect with people who are open minded, success driven, and highly motivated towards changing their lives for the better.