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Posted at 6:02 AM on Mon 12 September 2016

The structure of the business allows you to register with N10,000 ($50) and thereafter link a minimum of two persons into the business

You are being paid N3000 ($15) instantly for any person you refer to the business, and there is no limit to the number of person you can refer to the business

That implies, that if u refer 10 persons to the business in a day, you are paid N30000 ($150) the same day.

The business is structured so that one can earn in 6 stages:
1. Bronze
2. Silver
3. Gold
4. Platinum
5. Sapphire
6. Diamond

Once u enter the first stage of the business (the bronze stage), you are paid N5000 ($25) each for the first two persons under u to come to the bronze stage, and then N2000 ($10) for the next nine persons under you to come to bronze.
Once these 11 persons under u come to bronze, u are automatically moved to the next level (the silver stage). This move is accompanied with a payment of N20,000 ($100) plus Android phone. Hence, apart from the N3000 u make for referring any person to the business, you are paid a total of N48,000 ($240) + an Android phone throughout your stay in and upon completion of the bronze stage.
In the Silver stage, your payment aside from the. you get for referring people to the business also comes in similar but higher compensation pattern. Throughout your stay in the Silver and upon completion thereof, you are paid a total of N125,000 ($625) + a 7" tablet. With this u move over to the gold stage.
Below are summery of what you gain tjhrought and upon completion of any stage:
1. Bronze= N48,000 ($240) + an Android phone
2. Silver= N125,000 ($650) + a 7" tablet
3. Gold= N440,000 ($2200)+ Lenovo laptop+ 3 days all expense paid local trip or the cash equivalent
4. Platinum= N1,240,000 + Brand New Ford focus car worth N3,000,000 ($15,000)+ 5 night trip to South Africa worth N400,000 ($2,000)
5. Sapphire= N6,300,000 + 5 night trip to Dubai worth N500,000 + Brand New Ford escape worth N5,000,000 ($25,000)
6. Diamond= N17,000,000 ($85,000) + Ford edge worth N8,000,000 ($40,000) + House award worth N16,000,000 ($80,000)
The diamond stage is the last stage. Once any 11 persons under u in the diamond stage comes to the diamond stage you are being paid the total amount paid in the diamond stage over and over again