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Group NameEarn Money in the Medical Cannabis Industry
DescriptionJoin the medical cannabis industry

Public perception of cannabis is changing. More Americans than ever believe cannabis should be legalized. Twenty three states have made cannabis legal for medical purposes, four have legalized recreational use, and 7 more, including California, have legalization on upcoming ballots. This shifting political and regulatory landscape made cannabis America’s fastest growing industry in 2014, and the social taboos around cannabis are beginning to break down.

Scores of new medical cannabis consumers are trying products like edibles, topicals, tinctures and concentrates. For inexperienced folks, selecting the right products and the right dosing for their needs is more challenging than ever. Viva exists to solve this problem. We’re a community of cannabis experts, enthusiasts and evangelists, on a mission to spread the gospel about cannabis. Viva Allies educate friends on the merits of different strains and ingestion methods, share their opinions and experiences with different products, and help deliver to other members.

How it works:

Viva Allies sign up new members to the collective, legally provide them with cannabis products, and earn up to 25% of sales.

Participating is legal, safe and fun. We provide specialists with all the information, samples and online tools needed to get started immediately.

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