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TG Okoduwa (leader)
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DescriptionAIMS TO offer fresh idea on how to improve security system in the region and empower youths widows to avert further occurrences of the state of insecurity caused by lawlessness joblessness hunger and self seeking that lead to wicked act in the region over the years and to collectively war against the root of crime that pose threat to individuals families and or ethnic groups of people in the region in order to sanitize the land for new breeding in our society that would move people in the area and the entire nation forward for development and growth of the economic, create more secure environment for the home base and foreign investors occupying the zone and re unite members of the public irrespective of their differences in political, religion, tribal and professional career.

Vision- To form a forum that will intermediate between the various tribe community states that make up the zone form the grass root to regional and the national level.

Mission- To convene annual general conference and deliberate on issues arising in the area for positive change and nurture the already existing good working relationship among the populist in the entire zone and nation in general.

Set goals- To ensure that there is strong unity and peace accord in between the neighborhood that would sustain the development and economic growth in the region and the entire nation.

Work in togetherness with synergy to gradually bring down the unwanted activities of some bad element that use their lawlessness act to disrupt the planned work of the government or corporate organization for their self interest.

Arrest any abet mission or further mischievous role play by the hired tug's and the political elites for election ringing and killing of opponent during election period to elect new heads into political offices be it in the government, union or organization etc.

To serve as visible guardian angels to the people in south-South Geo-political zones and the visitors in the area and may gradually influence other people in the rest of the zones to learn on the same idea and watch carefully for the people survivor and safety of the generality in their place of locations.
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