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Frank Magnifico (leader)
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Group NameTo Your Health & Wealth
DescriptionThe lead product is the JDI™ MultiVitamin-MultiMineral With Stem Cell Nutrition Support. It is the only vitamin-mineral supplement of its kind designed to provide nutrients you need plus healthy new cells of your own for optimal health. Over 50% of adults consume a daily vitamin & mineral formula. That is an existing market for those who wish to have the very best from JDI™ MultiVitamin-MultiMineral With Stem Cell Nutrition Support, as well as those other 50% who have not yet become aware they need this supplement.

What Marketing Tools Are Available For Me to Market JDI? Your JDI back office is filled with many tools. You get all of the following for FREE:

Your own Website
Your own Lead Capture Page
Your own Autoresponder with messages already set up for you
Internet Banners
Post Cards Designs
Sample Ads
Your own Retailing Sites
Business Cards
Internet Viral Marketing System
Contact Management System to communicate with your downline
Other Tools and Resources to help you grow your business

It is highly recommended that you explore your back office to benefit
from all the tools that are available for you.

Easy & Simple Marketing Plan:
The Main Product:
The Free Website:

JUST DO IT!!!!!!!
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