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Posted at 9:30 PM on Thu 26 August 2010
What is your favorite article that you wrote? How does it represent what you are looking to achieve and/or represent your goals?
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Posted at 7:10 PM on Wed 22 September 2010
Hi Andy I have a site to tell people what I do. My advise is for all people to create their own web pages as it is the cheapest form of online advertising. I created all these pages using my web hosting free site builder. I also posted a copy of my favorite Article on tha site. It is called "Why People Fail In Network Marketing/MLM" See
Posted at 2:55 PM on Thu 23 September 2010

Love the pictures on your site. I have not used adland pro that much, but will take another look at it. Thanks for the great articles!

Posted at 1:17 PM on Sat 16 October 2010
Hi Everyone. My name is Michelle Kim, and I am from Korea. I am new to internet marketing, and want to understand article marketing better. How do you get people to come to your site when you write articles? Is it keywords in the articles or something else?

I would like to write articles on mlmsocial, but the one I wrote wasn't approved, and I now understand why after reading their information. However, if I write articles on mlmsocial, how do people find it? And is it my signature at the end of the article that lets people find out about my business opportunity?

Thank you.
Posted at 12:42 PM on Mon 18 October 2010

The great thing about article writing on a site like MLMSocial is that anyone on this site looking for quality information can go to the site and find your article. Just make sure that your article is interesting and it will be read by a wide audience. Does that help?

Posted at 1:03 PM on Mon 17 January 2011
Hi everyone,

One of the best ways for anyone in MLM to generate leads is through articles. What has really generated traffic for me is to research what people are looking for and then write an article on that topic, leading them back to your capture page. Remember to provide value to others. People want answers and if you can provide a solution, others will be attracted to you.

Do not use a replicated website though as the search engines do not rank them well. If anyone has any questions, I would be more than happy to go into greater detail. One of the directories I use is EzineArticles, which is one of the more popular directories. Hope this helps!

If anyone would like free trainings on this and other means, please visit my blog at
Posted at 7:17 PM on Tue 18 January 2011

I love using EzineArticles! I make a number of posts there every month. There is definitely a difference in traffic between replicated sites and your own capture pages. Thanks for your insight about article marketing!

Posted at 6:22 PM on Tue 1 March 2011
Hi Everyone, I use Ezine Articles too. Inspiration to write articles for me usually comes after listening to a training or some other research I have done. I also jot down any ideas or bits of useful info gathered during the day, and turn it into an article.
Posted at 7:37 AM on Wed 24 April 2019
I am just starting with article writing, I have only published one so far here on MLMSocial, really just here to learn the craft.