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Posted at 9:31 PM on Sun 1 August 2010
I am a huge fan of Ezine articles. Other than writing on my blog, the majority of my articles on Ezine. What service do you use for your article writing?
Posted at 6:35 AM on Sun 2 January 2011
My favorite Article Directory is the one that I am running myself ( Ad-Mission SEO-Friendly Articles at ), of course :)
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Posted at 10:41 AM on Mon 3 January 2011

Two questions:How much do you get for each referral you send to your site for the article marketing? Are we allowed to use the RSS fee for a blog on another site? I have a few auto-blogger sites. This could be a great way to have content, plus direct traffic to your site.

Posted at 3:01 PM on Mon 24 October 2011
Andy, I have found a great resource for You, (if You are still interested in implementing RSS-feeds into blogs/sites in order to have content) - please feel free to check out for the details.
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Posted at 5:56 PM on Thu 5 January 2012
Thanks for the heads up! I am good right now.