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Posted at 7:24 AM on Mon 22 August 2011

Dr.BalaKrishna Murthy Ramaraju

I lost a Brother Elder to me
Mom had pre-eclamptic toxemia
Then I had a Sister two years Elder to me
She is the Matriarch of family of mine
Next in the chronological order it is me
A nice evening in Bhaarath on a Saturday
A pleasant and cool Autumn Day
PuraaNic Sarad Rithu Clear Night Sky
Vedic calendar Kaartheek fourth Day
Auspicious Naaga Chathurtthi Day
In my birth village no electricity
An oil lamp glowing feebly
No hospital to cater to maternity
My Mom and me are lucky
To have Meerabee midwifery
Bless her I think of her to this day
Thanks Mom , here I am A Home Delivery
As I fill my lungs with my first breath
Followed it up with a lusty cry
I am surprised Mom is happy while I cry
Dad hovering anxiously nearby
As I face a strange world on my first day
All my previous births forgotten in vague memory
Time and tide passed swiftly
Wonderful to witness seventy six years roll by
Looking at my past I was happy
Present is filled with joy
Future 'hakuna matata' no worry
In my stride I accept , as it dawns each day
Okay to let go past , dead yesterday
Why worry about tomorrow yet unborn , a mystery
Presently as nice as possible to everybody
Thanks to mom and dad , siblings and family
Nice to have known friends and well wishers
It is me Anasooyadevi-Aathreya genealogy
Sesha - Aanjaneya family
Taking a bow Ramaraju Balakrishnamurthy
aathreya-dr.bala krishna murthy ramaraju


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Dr.BalaKrishna Murthy Ramaraju

Yashwaant Kummar Verrma : awesome... poetic recount of a memorable events in a rhythmic flow!

Jabalimuni Putrevu : Priyathama Agraja! ( MY DEAR ELDER BROTHER)
Your accomplished past and present filled with joy would sulrely result in an amazing bright future.
Regards,kanishta sahodara( YOUNGER BROTHER),
abalimuni Putrevu

Ramesh Mehar : well said, hearty expressiions