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Group NameRevolucion
DescriptionEnergy drinks were introduced to the public during the mid-1980s in Europe and mid-1990s in the US. The marketplace for the drinks was estimated at $5.4 billion in 2006, according to Packaged Facts, and enjoys an annual growth rate of 55% per year.

The New Revolucion 100% Whole Food Energy Drink

Revolucion Energy Drinks contain only the highest quality natural ingredients - no synthetic colors, vitamins or sweeteners. Using Revolucion's combined 65 years of biomedical and nutritional research, Revolucion has developed a marvelous energy drink that Mother Nature would be proud of. Each ingredient was carefully selected to provide the body with constant energy, while improving overall focus and performance. Revolucion also included botanicals to help protect the liver, raise fat metabolism and support hearing health.

Revolucion has two energy drinks that are coming out

1. Revolucion Start is a enjoyable energized Cranberry Apple fruit flavored energy drink that has a appealing and refreshing flavor that leaves you mentally and physically energized, with no crash or unsafe ingredients. Loaded with antioxidants, this is honestly an energy drink that works with the body, not opposed to it.

2. Revolucion Defense is a deliciously satisfying, Low Calorie beverage that supplies the body with an antioxidant power of over 7000 ORAC. Using Revolucion's combined skill of the antioxidant capacity of foods, we've chosen only botanicals and fruits renowned for for their nutritional density and overall phyto-nutrient content. Our proprietary assortment of ingredients contains nutraceuticals that help the body's natural defense against cell damage and free radical injury. The ingredients in Revolucion Defense are very well known for their anti-cancer and anti-aging enhancing benefits.

What makes Revolucion Energy Drinks different is our product is 100% whole food not natural there is a huge difference in whole foods and natural products. Our products don't have any synthetics or chemicals did you know that a lot of products out there that say they are natural are not, you only need 25% and call it natural the rest is synthetics and chemicals.

To hear how are product is different from natural products visit this link

Why join Revolucion

We are going to change what no other company has done and the way distributors do business in this industry. We have outstanding leadership and state of the art technology.

Derek Broes CEO

As former Senior Vice President of Worldwide Business Development At Paramount Pictures, A Viacom Company Broes was responsible for establishing a digital strategy and helping to drive the companies most public partnership such as the Apple Itunes, Amazon, and Walmart Partnership. Prior to joining Paramount in 2006 Derek lead the global wireless strategy and business development team for Windows Media at Microsoft Corp., Pushing entertainment convergence within the wireless space. Broes has been at the for front of media and technology for more than a decade and is nationally recognized as an influential leader in the film and high tech industries.

Before joining Microsoft, Broes was an entrepreneur of successful media and technology companies, including the post production feature film industry first all digital post production sound design and editing facility, located in Burbank cal.

Revolucion Essentials Marketing Building your business online.

1. Landing pages: Create web pages for potential leads to visit. Capture their information and send them product info.

2. Tri Video: Create video enable web pages with multiple videos to capture leads with.

3. Email Campaigns: Send campaigns to multiple groups of contacts.

4. Video Email: Send out video enabled email with multiple videos.

5. Web Builder: Create an entire web site using our custom web site builder to promote your product.

6. Live Conference Room: Teach a group of internet marketers with our conference room software. Chat with your group using our chat room, or broadcast your voice and theirs. You can also use our whiteboard features to get your ideas across.

7. Live Stream Room: Broadcast your image and voice to as many listeners as you want. They can also chat with you as you give your presentation.

These are just a few of things of the technology behind Revolucion there is more but I just wanted to provide you with a few.

The Compensation Plan

It is very important that a company has a very lucrative compensation plan. Especially for someone who is new to this industry and also the seasonal. Revolucion compensation plan was created with you in mind so everyone benefits from it.

1. Retail Profits

By signing up as a Distributor you are eligible to purchase Revolucion products at wholesale pricing. You can sell these products to customers at the suggested retail price. The difference is yours to keep and is a great way to make immediate income.

2. Fast Start Bonus

This bonus is designed to put money in your hands quickly. The first month of joining the Revolucion family, you will receive 30% of all new sales volume and
20% will roll up to the Distributor who personally sponsored you.

3. True Wholesale Program

This allows you to initiate sales on a mass level to on-the-shelf establishments, mainly medical establishments, hotels, bars, restaurants, casinos and places that do not publicly shelf the products in bulk. This will serve a two-fold purpose; create new money outlets for you and create recognition for the product(s) and the company.

The Matrix Plan

You will receive income by bringing new people into the company who buy product. In turn, those people will bring additional people into the company and you can receive a percentage of all sales created by your organization.

Distributor: To qualify as a Distributor, you pay the registration fee of $29.95 and place your first order of product for a minimum of $60 using the Autoship program. Then sign up at least one personal Distributor the same way and receive 2.5% of your entire organizations sales volume.

Executive Distributor:

To qualify as an Executive Distributor, you must have at least 3 personally sponsored Distributors on the Autoship program, placing orders for a minimum of $120 per Distributor. You will then receive 5% of your entire organizations sales volume.

To see the compensation plan in its entirety please go to click on opportunity.

Revolucion believes in it's distributors and the talent and skills that they bring to the company, we truly believe that anyone that joins us will succeed with the tools and leadership we have in place, it does not matter if your new to this industry or a seasonal entrepreneur we have everything in place for you to succeed.

I ask you to take a look at Revolucion with an open mind and not a closed one come see what Revolucion can do for you. We have some exciting things coming our way in 2010 and I would love for you to be apart of it.

Emerald Team
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