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Posted at 7:01 AM on Mon 7 February 2011
SPS is a system that means that members acquire a share of future dividends and exits in projects in which Synkronice has invested.
The value of SPS is tied to the actual value of Syncronice. The algorithm used to calculate this value is based on all the members of Synkronice and Spinglo and their behaviour and status. Half of the calculated value is used to determine the value of Synkronice.
The value is calculated continually, on the basis of external analyses of current conditions and how the membership base changes over time.
When Synkronice goes public, all SPS will be converted to shares. The “half-value algorithm” will, as far as possible, ensure that all SPS holders will have further positive financial development thanks to their membership.
-”The number of SPS is limited to 10,000 at 1.000 each.”

Over that year we have developed far more than we imagined would be possible. We have made great progress in our quest to become the number one MLM, and the 'supercharger' for new online businesses. This of course has a knock on effect on the value of SPS, in line with the growth of the company.
In a few weeks you may see a significant increase in the value of your SPS!
We will gradually adjust the amount of SPS to be included in the membership, so the amount of SPS reflects the value of the company.