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Posted at 11:00 AM on Sun 30 January 2011
Spinglo is the world’s leading bonus plan to all social media, which captures all existing international networks. Spinglo leverages of all your friends in your social networks. And their friends, and their friends. If you use Facebook, Twitter, Skype, YouTube or even all of them, you’re in the in a position to create a great business. Spinglo dovetails into all of those social network solutions, and will boost your internet presence. Spinglo’s unique platform offers powerful tools and user generated content to help and boost members and manage their private, social and business lives on internet.
Membership to Spinglo is by invitation only, which is part of what makes this network unique.
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Each and every day, all year around, Spinglo is giving away amazing prices!
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The more people you motivate to join Spinglo, the more points you get, and the greater chance you get to win amazing prizes!

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Posted at 6:01 AM on Thu 3 February 2011
We are delighted to announce that Spinglo is now fully live in the USA. We have had people trying to sign up in the USA since we launched Spinglo. Unfortunately due to the way sms works in the USA they did not always get their signup code.

Our dedicated programmers have therefore been working on an alternative solution specifically for the USA. In America we now have a system which allows people to receive their signup code via e-mail instead of sms.

We are delighted to announce our entry into such a large and exciting market, the one market which we consider to be the most influential in the MLM world. This, together with the product announcements which will be announced following the leadership meetings in the next week, and late February, will certainly take our company to the next level!

Yours sincerely,

Synkronice Management
Posted at 4:45 PM on Thu 10 February 2011
Estonian leaders are back from London Synkronice leaders meeting with very good news.

Now we all, who are in, know that the investment what has done is worth of it or much much more.

There is one more month the possibility to be part of this great company as share holder, after that this door will be closed forever. Decision is your and do positive one quickly and give your friends also chance to be part of it.

More info about new face and content of Spinglo is here: