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Group NameSCNet Banja Luka
DescriptionIf you are from Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Holland, Russia ... seriously consider this offer. If you want to solve the problem of your employment, for life, then this access very seriously.

Join for free in SCnet company. You will receive your ID number (card) and when shopping in partner companies receive a refund of up to 80% of what you spend. After you make a purchase in the partner companies will have you ALWAYS discount / rebate 1% in cash immediately. The rest of the discount you will be the one to bring back ingenious system increased by 11 times. So, with this free card SCnet You'll always have 1% of what spend with partner companies as a direct refund to your account. The rest of the discount will return eventually, but increased by 11 times, so that using this system, receive the total discount to 80% of everything you spend in the firms partners. If you are not interested in this, you have nothing to lose if you sign up, because it is free, and you will never have any obligation to the company, nor will you have a mandatory purchase, nor will anything to sell, invest ... Simply put, you have no RISK.

link for registration;

Please note that THIS IS NOT INTERNET SHOPPING than the outright acquisition of companies that are partners and associated companies in any state in which SCnet work. Means you will be able to use this card in all countries where it works SCnet companies. Through partner companies will be able to buy EVERYTHING (food, clothing, footwear, fuel, mobile phone ...), which is why this system is special because not only have to buy in a shop or buying only certain products, rather than buying everything that you and now definitely buy it. If you are a firm partners do not like, you do not buy them. Just when you purchase the partner companies will always have DIRECT REFUND of 1% and earnings over the rest of the system of discount which you will eventually bring the total return to 80%.

Imagine how much money you have spent the past 10 years. Now imagine that you return a 1% ... 1% of those in SCnet system will receive immediately after purchase, in the following calculation (daily, weekly, monthly), with all earnings going from what you spend because you are total returns to 80% of what you spend through the system. Returns of 80% may only be obtained through SCnet system.

Persons who have come to this system ( your instructor ) will keep you updated on the partner companies, on how to raise sums of money, and everything else, needed to progress in this business.

Another option: SCnet BUSINESS

Work of which we speak here requires no selling and buying. What to do? Your job is to this system you recommend to their friends, friends, even those who do not know.
So, should include people over themselves in the system and educate them that they do the same. This is all the work that needs doing. And why would it work?, see below. In addition to the return of 1% which will have each Your purchases from the people you turn to this system you will have 0.5% of each of their purchases. Your direct members are your first and depth of them will, therefore, have 0.5% of each of their purchases. When your members include someone in the system, these members become your second depth, and it will have 0.5% of each of their purchases. When they involve someone your members as your third depth, and from it you will also have 0.5% of each of their purchases. When they involve someone you are members of your fourth depth and it will also have 0.5% of each of their purchases. The larger the depth you will not have this direct refund in cash of 0.5% but you have other income on which we will tell you something later.

Example DIRECT PROFITS in this job

If you bring you will have 10 members in the first depth of 10, if they lead by 10, the second depth you will have 100, if they lead by 10, the third the depth you will have 1000, if they lead by 10, the fourth depth will will 10 000 In total, the four depths of 11 to 110 members.

The first depth: 10 members
Second Depth: 100 members
Third depth: 1000 members
Fourth depth: 10 000 members
TOTAL: 11 110 members
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If they spent this month only for 20 EUR in average (and it is likely that they want because the system will be able to buy all they usually buy, and 20 EUR for example. If only pour fuel once a month), your 0, 5% of order were 1000 EUR a month. 1000 EUR perhaps someone and not much, but if you think about it and see that nobody here and nothing particularly spectacular did not fire, but everyone is buying it every day but it certainly buys, then it is already something . And imagine that the average consumption is 200 EUR (which will eventually be, because someone will buy a car, a house, etc..). In this case, your earnings would be only 10 000 EUR. This is the effect of 100%. If this is achieved by only 10% that is 1000 EUR ... again!

What should you do? include at least 10 members and tell them to do the same. Or if a little serious approach to this, turn 20, 50, 100 members, or as much as you want, but be sure to find at least 10 members who will do the same thing (to introduce at least 10 which will introduce new 10 and so on.).

Is it hard to include someone in a free association of consumers, which will have no obligation, no risk investment? Is it daunting to''sell''this FREE membership SCnet-in? If so, then you definitely have never in my life do not sell anything because it is more difficult than this.

EXAMPLE - ScNet IN PRACTICE - VI, FP (Company Partner), SCnet

An example that you spend 800 EUR, once or several smaller purchases. Collected every 50 EUR (PP) will bring you 500 EUR earnings + other bonuses.

Try to position yourself as soon as possible in a binary tree, because of his earning to infinite depth, and it is possible to earn even if you do not have any members involved in them. Just to have a PP (the right to profit). As the fastest to get to the first PP and ask your instructor (the person who recommended this to you)

Again, do not get a discount on the spot which is the genius of the system, because this allowance increased as many times back just for you.


Suppose that the discount 10%

You buy something at the partner company and you are paying the full amount - say, an HD TV. (800 EUR)

Firm partner dogovreno discount shifting SCnet-in (80 EUR)

SCnet reserve the 1% (8 EUR)

You back at the expense of the bag 1% (8 EUR)

4x0, 5% back to the people through whom you came into the system 4x0, 5 = 2% (16 EUR)

The rest off 6% (EUR 50) is accumulated on your account accumulation.

When the account accumulation collect 50 EUR (in that case we have spent a greater amount for the purchase of TV and now we are off from the rest gathered 50. It is possible therefore to make many small purchases, and thus the rest of the off-which is not schedules in direct earnings accumulate 50 EUR), as long as those collected 50 EUR (once or more purchases) you have acquired a claim to the profits (PP) which is placed into a binary matrix and PP will you make money. Any PP of EUR 50 will bring you 500 EUR + other bonuses and salaries that go along with it
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