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Group NameJocial Influencer Marketing
Description*Business Presentation Post*

*What exactly is Jocial?*

Jocial is company with 12 years of experience in internet marketing owned by Jamie March with head offices in UK & US.

With the outbreak of covid-19 virus last year , around mid June 2020 , Jocial was able to capture the demand of local business owners, top brands , bloggers and just about any establishment looking to increase their online presence through influencer marketing.

Jocial has developed the No 1 Influencer marketing platform that provides ordinary people like you & I the tools they need to connect with brands while driving traffic of brands to their platform.

*Why Jocial Works*
1️⃣ Using Jocial Influencer platform; business owners, companies & brands are able to reduce the cost of influencer marketing . Before now brands would pay premium cost using celebrities or famous instagrammers & youtubers.

2️⃣ Using Jocial influencer platform; brands , business owners and companies get quality services because they get real interaction from real people on their products when you & I post them on Facebook.

3️⃣ Jocial has made it possible for everyday person to become an Influencer without too much requirements..For this you need just at least 25 friends on Facebook .

4️⃣ Using Jocial influencer tool allows you to make money on your own just to post on Facebook and a lucrative compensation bonus for recommending this influencer tool . You get to enjoy 5 ways of earning as a Jocial influencer.

5️⃣ Jocial is one opportunity where you never quit because you make money from day one.
The most reason people quit a business is because they don't make money or lose money.

*Thank you for taking time to read. This is just a brief presentation . Refer to the Jocial Influencer E-book for more details. Also ask questions if you have difficulty understanding the business model*
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