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My Business Opportunity & our Services!
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Posted 6:16 AM Tue 12 April 2011

G'day Guys!

The worlds largest direct selling telecommunications & home services company. A leader offering highly competitive services: We offer ADSL & Wireless Broadband Internet, Free Voip local/national calls & international via our Iris 5000 Digital Videophones, Mobile phones, Satelite TV, Home Security, Energy Provider, Nutritional Range but our services do vary in each country we are in so far as you need to check my website to see what's on offer in your country & just order online it's that simple. We are one of the fastest growing privately held companies in the world. We market our services directly to consumers and small businesses worldwide.

Who are we?

Associated as independent business owners experiencing substantial financial success, we are the strongest and fastest growing multinational enterprises. The company is currently experiencing the fastest growth & we are looking for ambitious people to join us at the right moment in our international expansion that is about to hit. Be mentored by leaders and become a leader yourself to achieve the financial independence that will allow you to achieve your goals in life.

The Opportunity

Imagine getting paid a percentage of people's phone, mobile & internet plus now energy bills worldwide every single month, year after year! Tens of thousands of dollars! well that's exactly how it works. Everyone uses their telephone, their mobile phone, their Internet. You don't have to convince them to use the service, and you definitely don't have to convince them to pay their bills. By referring products and services that people already use every single day, you get paid! Every single time a person uses our service and pays their bill, you get paid! Month after month, for as long as they use that service.

Want more proof?

You really need to hear this from the mouth of one of the most respected individuals in the business community. This Multi Billionare does not just stamp his name onto anything. Being the highly prominent business man that he is, he is most concerned with integrity and credibility. Watch our brief video which features himself explaining why this business is better than real estate!

For those of you who prefer to have it documented on paper - take a look at the cover pages of all the reputable magazines we've been featured in. Read up on the 19 page article in Fortune Magazine that describes this business as a phenomenon! Or better yet, pick up one of the 4 issues of Success From Home magazine that we've been featured in.

The Industry

Telecommunications is a trillion dollar industry, and is truly one of the richest industries in the world today. With that said, it yields success beyond measure to those who act at the right place and at the right time. The industry is not only recession proof, but it's accelerating more than ever due to our technological advancements. Countries all around the world have opened their doors allowing companies to enter the market and compete against the larger corporations. This is where we fit in. We have established an unbreakable international presence in 23 countries (with over 60 more to come), by offering telecom products and various other services at much cheaper rates.

Who are we looking for exactly?

This opportunity is truly for everyone, on the basis that you choose to do it! We are looking for people who have an entrepreneur mindset and see the "big picture". Specifically, we want leaders, visionaries, highly motivated and ambitious individuals who can really take this opportunity to the next level.

A powerful network of leader's forefront in the greatest shift of wealth in mankind. More than ever, right now is the time!

Ask yourself this:

If there was a way you could get paid tens of thousands of dollars on other people's monthly bills, month after month, year after year, and be at the forefront of new technology, would you consider it?

The simple fact is that the money is there and someone will get it like the big Telco's & Energy Corps. But that someone could be you...and this is the vehicle to get you there, just imagine for all the years the money you have paid to your telco/energy company & you could of been paying yourself unlimited residual income instead with this business opportunity!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be in business for yourself but never by yourself, so please visit my website for futher information.

Introducing the next must-have Gadget. The Iris 5000 Digital Videophone as seen on The Celebrity Apprentice Show! Simple. Real-time. A true-to-life face to face video experience that's changing the face of communications as we know it & it's available now. Leave video mail messages, record video greetings, and enjoy other enhanced features you simply can't get with traditional phone service. And with every call, you'll experience the highest DVD quality digital experience on a 7 inch screen available anywhere. When combined with our Voip Digital Phone Service Network on High Speed Broadband, you'll save with a low monthly fee but price does vary in each country, unlimited "Free" worldwide calling to others on our Iris Videophones & when the videophone is not in use it's becomes your digital photo frame as well as being portable "Plug & Play" so take a spare with you when travelling! or plug into your Big Screen TV at home! There is a privacy button if you don't want the other person to see you etc & also a 3 way conference call.

(These can't be used with Skype sorry as we have our own Independent Voip Digital Phone Service Network especially built for our Iris Videophones, but you can still call a normal landline & mobile phone)

The Videophone requires a High Speed Broadband Internet connection (e.g. ADSL2+ or Cable Internet) with a minimum upload speed of 256Kbps, so please check the coverage in your area as you will need to be on the fastest net speed. The functionality of this revolutionary product will be compromised when using Mobile Broadband (Wireless & Naked DSL) a fixed line is preferred for the pure clarity viewing of when video calls are made to other Iris 5000 Videophones.

To check your Internet speed click here and select 'begin test'.

There are clips through my website so click on the select country tab then your country's Flag for example, but we do have different services available in each country that we are in so far etc & you can order the Iris 5000 Videophone only online so if you have friends or work mates, grandkids overseas tell them about this awesome technology & connect up!

So C'mon guys can you please do me a favour & give my services a try so that you can call up your friends or family & the grandkids to see them face to face, even on your Big Screen TV how cool is that! My Name & Team Id is below and that is what you would need to input for my referrals etc so if anyone else wanted our Iris Videophones for the home, office & order online via my website as it's available in various countries! Our ACN head office & customer service centres looks after all your needs in each country we are currently in as direct sellers so no shop front guys just us independent reps to order through online.

P.S. We are just launching into 2 new countrys The Czech Republic & Hungary, I can arrange contact overseas with my business partner for any interested people.

Cheers & catch ya later guys.

Yours sincerely

Mark Russell 'Spud'
ACN Independent Representative
Team ID: 7200340832

My ACN website: